County Commissioners Dale Seifert, Tom Kuka and Jim Morren were honored as the Grand Marshals during Valier’s Homesteader’s Day parade Saturday.

Pondera County Commissioners Thomas Kuka (chairman), Dale Seifert and Jim Morren served as Grand Marshals of the Homesteader Days Parade. The Commissioners offered these comments about the Valier community and its importance to Pondera County.

“Valier is one of the shining lights in Pondera County. The early settlers in the area mostly moved north along the mountains with their herds of sheep. First to the Dupuyer area and then they followed the drainages west, and into the rest of Pondera County. The development of the county in this fashion created the wide range of livestock operations in the county. Many of these operations are known worldwide for their high quality livestock.”

The Commissioners added, “The Lake Frances Irrigation project was started by the Cargill Brothers in 1908. Eventually the project was made into a private company, now known as Pondera County Canal and Reservoir Company (PCCRC). The company irrigates approximately 6,500 acres of some of the highest quality malt barley, wheat, hay, pulse crops and specialty crops in the world. The reservoir in Valier is a huge recreation draw in Valier and great wildlife attractant for the county.”

They concluded, “The livestock, crops, and recreation in this area not only grows the Valier area but is the basis for the economic growth of the many businesses in the county.”

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