Dr. Jay Taylor

Dr. Jay Taylor is a living, breathing example of dedication to rural healthcare. He is our medical doctor at Pondera Medical Center; but is truly so much more to our facility and our community.  Please join us in congratulating PMC’s own Dr. Jay Taylor, this year’s Frank Newman Rural Clinician Leadership Award recipient. 

Pondera Medical Center is truly humbled and grateful for the leadership, talent and compassion Dr. Taylor brings to our facility. He is a critical piece to our mission and the quality of care we can bring to Pondera County and the entire Golden Triangle. 

With the utmost professionalism and modesty, Dr. Taylor shared, “I am honored and quite humbled that I was even nominated!  It is a privilege to represent PMC and be a part of great care patients can receive in rural America.  We have a wonderful staff that cares about their community and makes my job so much easier each day.  Thank you for this recognition and I look forward to continuing to be an ambassador for rural healthcare.”

Dr. Taylor was born and raised in Conrad, graduating from Conrad High School in 1992. After high school, he graduated from Carroll College in 1996 with degree in Biology and minor in Chemistry before going onto the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center School of Medicine in Denver, graduating in 2002.  He spent one year in Billings at the Montana Family Medicine Residency, and then went to Wray Colorado for two years for rural family medicine training.

Along with providing coverage for PMC’s Emergency Department, seeing clinic patients, performing endoscopy services, and serving as PMC’s Chief of Staff, Dr. Taylor takes part in all of our public events, even with a very busy schedule. 

He and his family compete in PMC’s annual fun run. He is present every year at our Health Fair. He is one of the lead organizers for our largest fundraiser, the annual Golf Tournament and sponsors several teams every year.

PMC employees enjoy a beautiful cafe that he and his wife refurbished. The Taylor family provides one employee every month with a cafe gift card, just out of kindness. Dr. Taylor graciously offered his home for a barbecue to host a visiting physician. 

These are just small examples of the generosity of the Taylors. PMC is so fortunate to have a doctor of this caliber in our facility.

The Taylor family truly has done so much for Pondera Medical Center; but it doesn’t end there. Dr. Taylor and his wife Monica are the ideal community members. They are present at sporting events, fundraisers, community events. They have two children in our public schools and both children are very active in sports, school plays, and extra curriculars. 

Dr. Taylor is a volunteer golf coach and the most recent elected school board member. He has made an active investment in our youth- hosting basketball skills camp, attending sporting events for injuries, and acting as a mentor to many in our facility and town. The entire family is active in their hometown, and our patients recognize and appreciate that tremendously. 

Dr. Taylor is truly a worthy recipient of this award. He has all the integrity in the world and is truly invested in providing quality care to his hometown. Patients would be willing to wait months to see Dr. Taylor, because he has such a great reputation for quality and compassion. The value of the services PMC provides will continue to rise from the innovation, hard work and proactive approaches from the PMC team, led by the efforts of Dr. Taylor.

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