In an effort to better inform Valier area residents on the happenings at Pondera Medical Center and actions taken by the PMC Board of Directors, the board will provide The Valierian with their post-meeting bulletin for publication. 

The following are the PMC board meeting highlights from the June 25 meeting. 

Members of the PMC board of directors are: Bernard Ries, Chairman; Darby Donoven, vice chair; Debbie Sturm, secretary; Janice Hoppes, treasurer. Other board members include Brent Gaylord, Chris Sullivan, Craig Ostman and Jim Morren.

CEO Report

CEO Bill O’Leary was attending a conference on behalf of PMC and Laura Erickson presented the CEO report. According to Erickson:

•PMC entered a float in the Whoop-Up Trail Days parade on Saturday, June 8, in addition to conducting the Fun Run in which 44 adults plus many children participated.

•The PMC Golf Tournament was very successful with more participating teams than in the past, netting approximately $16,000. The proceeds will be used to fund a bariatric table, a 3-piece bariatric high-low table and parallel bars for the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit. 

•PMC will be advertising on the billboard in Conrad. 

•An on-site evaluation of the sleep lab was scheduled for July 2. 

•Heather Johns, FNP, has passed the State Boards and will be seeing patients at the Clinic as soon as paperwork is completed and provider numbers are issued, which can take 30 days or more.

•Several emergent breaks in building infrastructure, including failure of the generator and sump pumps, happened over the past few weeks that were temporarily resolved. Including other critical needs, costs to provide more permanent solutions to problems will run approximately $200,000.


Please see the complete minutes on the PMC website,

Interested individuals can also call PMC and ask for O’Leary or Brenda Ries, Director of Finance, with specific questions.

Board Chair Report

Chairman Ries reported on the following: 

•Engineering firms have requested more specific details prior to bids being submitted for boiler replacement. 

•The Board will meet with representatives of Kalispell Regional Medical Center regarding management services on Tuesday, July 9 at 4 p.m. in the Conference Room of PMC. 

•He has been in contact with the current lessee of the oil and gas rights owned by PMC and negotiated the terms of a new agreement. 

Board Education

Brent Wing from Healthcare Financial Services discussed preparation of the 2018 (Medicare/Medicaid) Cost Report. A Cost Report is filed annually with the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services to reconcile the costs of care billed to Medicare and Medicaid and payments received from the programs. Wing answered questions from the Board.

Resolutions Adopted

Three resolutions were adopted by the Board. The first authorized CEO O’Leary to expend funds and engage the services of All Purpose Cleaning Inc. (Service Master) to provide environmental services at Pondera Medical Center. 

The second authorized O’Leary to engage Guardian Healthcare Providers, Inc. to provide international recruited healthcare personnel staffing services for the Extended Care Facility. The third resolution authorized O’Leary to expend funds to engage Argent Healthcare Consulting, LLC to provide interim Director of Nursing services for the Extended Care Facility for three months. 

Pondera HealthCare Foundation Report

Chairman Ries reported the Foundation gave $1,000 to PMC for the PMC golf tournament. 

The anticipated start date of the path project is July 1 and the Foundation has approximately $62,000 in cash and grants to fund the project. The remaining amount needed will need to be funded through a loan. 

Policy Review

The Board approved the procedures policy regarding emails and texts to patients or others. 

Emergency Department Survey

Erickson presented a satisfaction survey which will be mailed to patients receiving services in the Emergency Room. The survey will be in addition to follow-up phone calls to ER patients. 

The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, July 23, at 4 p.m. in the PMC Conference Room. As always, the public is invited to attend. 

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