In small, rural communities home healthcare and licensed assistance can be hard to come by. While Medicare, Medicaid and most insurances cover the cost for the assistance, finding someone licensed and approved by insurance companies can be a bit tougher. If you are one that has been seeking services then Angel Care LLC might be exactly what you have been looking for.

Angel Care LLC has offices in both Havre and Helena, but covers the entire Hi-Line. Angel Care is an approved Medicaid wavier provider and VA provider, offering seniors, elders, disabled and those of all ages who simply need some assistance with daily living exactly that. The team is comprised of housekeepers, personal care attendants, CNAs, RNs and a great office staff.

“We have been in the area and going to different businesses and door-to-door, trying to get the word out that our services are available,” said Angel Care owner and administrator, Angela Habeger. “We are excited to offer our services here.”

Angel Care offers a wide variety of services, everything from personal care, to meal preparation, home maintenance, and companionship to home care and assistance for new parents, just to name a few. Music therapy sessions and doTERRA Aroma Touch massage are offered, as is overnight respite care. 

Angel Care doesn’t just charge a flat, monthly rate, but instead clients purchase the hours needed to accommodate the services that they require. They do offer discounted, pre-paid packages, as well as a standard hourly rate for those clients who prefer more of an “on call” or “as needed” schedule.

For more information on the services Angel Care LLC provides or any questions call (406) 262-7892, email angelcarehavre@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page.

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