Carol Green is no stranger to running long distances–for fun! She is pictured above with her team relay team at the Spokane, Wash., to Sandpoint, Idaho, team relay race. The team members ran 200 miles in the event. Now doesn’t that make the Lake Frances Triple P Triathlon seem like a very doable activity to start training for? Carol has plenty of helpful and inspiring tips to get you training!

Why register for the Lake Frances Triple P Triathlon? This triathlon presents an opportunity to participate in an endurance challenge unique to this area and unlike other fitness challenges. Any endurance challenge has value as it presents a reason to train and then validate that training in a competition. 

The Preparation

An endurance challenge is a worthy goal that provides a sense of accomplishment. There is nothing like crossing a finish line knowing you have pushed yourself to new limits.

Setting a goal provides motivation to train (workout) on a regular basis, thus improving health and fitness. It is easy to postpone efforts to exercise and eat well. Committing to a race improves your chances of success.

The three parts of triathlon competition require overall body fitness such as, kayaking for the upper body and cardio, biking for the lower body and cardio, and running for overall cardio. 

The Mental Benefits

While training is good for your heart and general fitness, mental and emotional benefits are also great reasons to commit to this activity.

Spending time with a training buddy will benefit your social wellbeing. Training partners help to keep one another motivated on days when the temptation to skip a workout is strong. They provide support when you begin to doubt your abilities. They become your biggest fans.

Shared misery, or discomfort, during an event will foster new friendships. Although you are competing against others, they want you to be successful and you will feel the same about them. Many a future training buddy has been found along a racecourse.

You will receive encouragement from people you don’t even know. Fans will cheer you on as they watch you strive to complete your goal.

A sense of accomplishment will accompany you as you endure the challenges of transitioning from kayak to bike and bike to run. Further triumph will embrace you as you cross the finish line knowing that you completed a satisfying goal. 

After the Race

The race shirts and medals are cool! You probably won’t wear the medal often, but the race shirt can be worn as much as you desire. Friends and strangers will ask, “Did you do that race?” To which you will enthusiastically reply, “Why, yes, I did!” 

You may then discover yourself recounting the race, your training plan, rattling off a list of new friends, and encouraging them to join you next time. 

After a few days of recovery, the hunt for another endurance challenge will ensue. 

What are you waiting for? Commit to the race, do the training, and enjoy the experience of this very first Lake Frances Triple P Triathlon!

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