Abby Bock and Tabitha Suek, played hard in last weekend’s match with Dutton/Brady and at the Chinook Showcase. The spikers shut-out Dutton/Brady, winning 25-11, 25-15 and 25-4. See a recap of the Chinook Showcase on page 8.

(Editor’s Note: As The Valierian was going to press early Tuesday morning we received the following recap of the Lady Panthers’ performance in Chinook and were able to sneak it in this week’s issue. Thank you coach Rhanda EagleSpeaker!)

The Valier Lady Panthers competed in the Chinook Showcase Sept. 6-7. It was a fun tournament for the team, said EagleSpeaker. “It’s a bonding one that’s for sure. We camp out in the Chinook Gym for the night and just have a team weekend with games and fun.”

She continued, “We learned so much through this tournament also. We have a rotation that I think is working well and we now know what we as a team need to work on, which at the moment is coverage, both hitting and block coverage.”

EagleSpeaker concluded, “Apparently we need to work on our morning games, because those seemed to be our worse ones of both days. Both the Chinook and Malta #2 games were the girls best. They were so fun to watch. The team came together and worked as a team and had so much fun!”

Chinook Showcase, Friday, Sept. 6

Geraldine over Valier: 25-17, 18-16.

Shelby over Valier: 18-25, 25-4 

(lost on combined points).

Malta over Valier: 25-17, 16-14.

Chinook over Valier: 23-25, 8-11 

(lost on combined points).

Chinook Showcase, Saturday, Sept. 7

Simms over Valier: 25-17, 25-8.

Malta over Valier: 24-25, 25-13, 15-6.

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