Valier Booster Club members Tawnee Hartwell and Denae Peterson were busy selling the popular Valier Panthers blanket during Homecoming.

It’s just over two months into the 2019-20 school year and the Valier Booster Club is already geared up for another busy year of fundraising and supporting Valier Schools extracurricular activities. 

The Panther Booster Club meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Valier High School staff lounge and meetings are open to everyone, especially parents of elementary and high school students. 

Community members who do not have children in the school system are also encouraged to attend and support the endeavors of the Booster Club.

This year’s officers are Roni Habel, president, and Tawnee Hartwell, treasurer, and both would like to see more parents and community members involved in the Club.

There is no “membership fee” to belong to the Panther Booster Club, but the Club does organize the booster ad sales, which appear in the various post-season programs for each sport. The cost for those sponsor ads is $25 for individual/family names.

Businesses can support the Panther Booster Club with one of three membership levels. To simply be a member is $50. There is also another level of business sponsorship which also includes two activity tickets to school events for the price of $100. 

For another $50, or a total of $150, a business can be a member, receive two activity tickets and have their ad in all of the post-season tournament programs.

Money raised from the booster ad sales and business memberships are also used to fund the Club’s purchases to support school activities and sports.

“Everyone who shows up at the monthly planning meeting has a vote on how our funds will be spent on current activities,” explained Hartwell. 

She continued, “We will listen to any requests for funds from coaches, teachers and school activity planners as long as they come to the meeting and present their ideas. 

Hartwell offered this reminder. “Folks need to remember, we are bound by Montana High School Association (MHSA) rules and Title IX.”

She also pointed out, “All MHSA-sanctioned activities in Valier High School are supported equally during the season they are in. Title IX absolutely is maintained during all activities for that season.”

Habel concurred, adding, “MHSA rules mostly pertain to high school sporting activities, but we make sure that we are supporting all our students throughout the year.” Habel clarified, “The allocations do not have to be equal, they just have to be representative of all MHSA-sanctioned activities.”

Habel explained, “As a Booster Club, we have to make sure that we are supporting all students and extracurricular sports equally. During the fall, for example, if we do a fundraiser during a football game, we have to advertise just how the funds will be utilized for all student activities that are currently underway, i.e. volleyball. Or, we will do a similar fundraising event for that activity.”

Habel stressed, “The fund raising event isn’t as critical as how the funds are allocated.”

If you’ve noticed flocks of pink flamingos in yards around town, that’s a sign the annual Booster Club’s Flamingo Fundraiser is in full swing. Club members are also selling the popular Panther blankets during football season, while supplies last. Earlier this summer, the Booster Club sold fireworks to raise funds to support student activities.

As noted by Habel and Hartwell, Panther Booster Club just doesn’t support sports activities; they also are very supportive of non-athletic as well as academic student achievements.

 “We make sure to support non-athletic activities such as the Missoula Children’s Theater and the Millionaire’s Book Club, which rewards elementary students who read a million words or more within the school year with a new book,” said Habel.

The Booster Club also sponsors the AAA award, which recognizes the efforts of local high school students for their achievements in academics, athletics and the arts. The Panther Booster Club also presents a scholarship to graduating senior each year.

If you are interested in supporting the efforts of the Panther Booster Club, either by volunteering or with a donation, or if you’d like more information, please contact Habel at school at (406) 279-3613 or on her cell at (406) 788-0972.

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