Are dull knives taking the joy out of cooking?  Learn how to put an edge on your knives on Thursday, March 26, from 6-8 p.m. at the Pondera Center, located at 311 S. Virginia Street in Conrad.

Dull knives can be hazardous in your kitchen.  A dull knife can make it harder to slice and dice foods for cooking and are more dangerous because a person has to work harder to cut food which increases the chances of injury.

On the other hand, a sharp knife makes food prep easier, takes less time, makes slicing and dicing more consistent and reduces the risk of hurting yourself. 

Knife sharpening can be done to all types of knives, which can make your investment  last longer.  This class will help get you started with learning the basics and introduce ways to sharpen and hone your own knives.  If you have a whet stone, bring it and 1-2 knives to class to practice. Please make sure the stone has been soaked in water ahead of time.

You will learn about different types of knives, styles of knives used for various types of food prep, angles, whet stones, and methods of putting an edge on those dull blades.  There will also be some neat tricks to apply that will enhance your knife sharpening abilities.

Please sign up for the class at the Pondera County Extension office by calling 271-4054 or stop by the office. If you need an incentive, the class is free and I have a pretty fabulous door prize.

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