The Pondera County Commissioners met on Aug. 21, and according to the draft minutes, set the salaries for the remainder of FY 2020, effective Aug. 26.

The Commissioners approved Resolution No. 3-2019/20 authorizing cost of living salary adjustments for Pondera County elected officials. 

The Pondera County Compensation Board and the Board of County Commissioners met during a public hearing called by the Commissioners on June 12. The Compensation Board recommended that compensation for elected officials in Pondera County for FY2019-20 be increased by an amount up to a 2.4 percent cost-of-living adjustment and a raise of 0.6 percent. 

The Commissioners approved the County paying a cost-of-living salary adjustment of 2.4 percent and a raise of 0.6 percent for elected officials, based on the Clerk and Recorder’s base salary, which will then be added to the salaries of Pondera County elected officials. The raise became effective on Aug. 26.

Additional compensation of $2,000 annually was approved for the Commissioners and the Clerk and Recorder who also serves as Election Administrator.

Salaries were set as follows:

•Treasurer/Superinten-dent of Schools– $52,049.88.

•Clerk of Court–$48,419.93.

•Clerk and Recorder–$50,419.93.•Commissioner–$50,419.93.

•Sheriff/Coroner–$51,421.38, includes additional compensation of $2,000 per year required by statute. Deputies Sheriff/Coroner will receive $50 per coroner call less than eight hours in duration and/or $100 per coroner call more than eight hours in duration.

•County Attorney/Public Administrator­–$101,214.78. (State of Montana will pay or reimburse the County at a rate set by statute.) 

•Justice of the Peace–$48,419.93.

 The Commissioners set the gross base wages for deputies to elected officials and sheriff’s deputies at 95 percent for the undersheriff and 86 percent for all other Sheriff deputies and deputies to other elected officials. Sheriff’s department longevity shall be calculated pursuant to state statutes. 

The cost-of-living increase and raise for hourly full-time and regular part-time employees were set at an increase of 3.0 percent.

The Airport manager salary will remain at $150 per month and seasonal employees’ hourly rates will remain the same. Temporary employee hourly rates will increase 3.0 percent 

In other news, the Commissioners:

•Held a hearing on the proposed Health Insurance Premium Gap Permissive Levy. There was no comment from the public and no written comment was received. The County is authorized to levy 14.550 mills for the levy. The levying amount equals $254,360, which was approved by the commissioners.

•Held a hearing on the Sheriff Retirement Service Permissive Levy. There was no comment from the public and no written comment was received. The County is authorized to levy 1.168 mills for the levy. The levying amount equals $20,419, which was approved the commissioner.

•Approved the July minutes of the Commission. 

•Approved allowing an agricultural covenant to be placed on a tract of land in T29N, R3W, Section 19, parcels 1 and 2, as permitted under the Montana Subdivision and Platting Act, 76-3-101 through 76-3-625, MCA. 

 •Approved the Memorandum of Understanding with the Montana Stockgrowers Association and the Memorandum of Understanding with the Montana Wool Growers Association for predatory animal control in Pondera County. The County will pay $2,121 for protection of sheep and $9,868 for protection of cattle from predatory animals. Funding for these services comes from an assessment per head paid by the sheep and cattle owners. 

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