The Montana FWP Prairie Bear Monitor Facebook page has posted the following alerts of bear activity for the past two weeks. 

Wesley Sarmento, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks  (FWP) biologist, asks area residents to “please report any bear activity that occurs at your residence. We need to track these bears that come close to homes to keep people safe. If bears are going around to homes there may be a need to capture those bears. Call 450-1097 when there is a bear close to your home,” he advised.

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Two young bears were observed Aug. 31 near 2930 15th Lane Northwest, which is south of Pendroy.

Aug. 30 marked the beginning of Grouse season. Hunters are advised to be “bear aware” and exercise caution, especially near dense brush and berry patches. If possible, hunt in groups and make noise to avoid surprising a bedded grizzly bear. Bird-shot is not guaranteed to stop a charging bear and officials recommend using bear spray. With bear spray you don’t need to be a perfect shot in a stressful situation since the spray comes out in a cloud.

Single grizzly observed Aug. 24 three miles west of I-15 on Marias River. The people scared it off by yelling at it.

Single grizzly bear observed Aug. 22 about 3 miles down 10th Lane NW, which is southeast of Pendroy.

Bear got into an old wooden shed the evening of Aug. 8 and obtained mineral cake just east of I-15 on the Teton River. It was last seen the morning of Aug. 9 at the same place and was headed west. FWP officials responded.

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