Camden Irvin, grandson of Northern Transit Interlocal’s (NTI) Executive Director David Irvin, is pretty proud of the new caravan bus that was added to his grandpa’s fleet of NTI vehicles.  Below left, NTI used local and area vendors to complete the recent improvements to the Transit Center in Shelby. 

Northern Transit Interlocal (NTI) continues to provide transportation from Browning, Conrad, Cut Bank, Shelby, Sunburst, Sweetgrass and Valier to Great Falls and Kalispell. Our six highly skilled drivers work together to ensure that the buses operate efficiently and effectively. Their teamwork is crucial to our operations; and to make sure passengers from Glacier County Transit, Pondera County Transit and Toole County Transit meet up with Northern Transit for trips to Great Falls and Kalispell. Whether they have medical appointments, shopping, or visits with friends and family, NTI will get them there!

Funding from the CARES Act has allowed us to make some much-needed improvements to the Transit Center. A new caravan bus was added to our tour fleet, thanks to additional grant funding through the CARES Act. A break room, conference room and commons area are currently under construction; and concrete paving will be added to the parking lot behind the transit building.   

NTI is committed to using local businesses as much as possible; and we would like to thank Irvin Built Construction, Kronebusch Electric, Hemmer Plumbing & Heating, Shelby Paint & Hardware, Taylor’s True Value, and All Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning for the labor and materials that were purchased to make this project a success!  

NTI added a passenger page to Facebook this year. This allows our passengers and staff to share transit-related news and input. We invite everyone to add photos, videos, or their favorite stories about riding on our buses. NTI appreciates all passenger input!

Our main focus continues to be the comfort and safety of our drivers and passengers. We are persistent in following COVID-19 protocols. Our buses are sanitized regularly, masks are required, and social distancing is strictly enforced. Hand sanitizer is available on all buses, and we provide a mask for any passenger who does not have one.

NTI strives for continued improvements to our service – from increasing online access and helping   make reservations more efficient to improvements to the transit building – our goal is for our passengers to “Enjoy the Ride!”

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