Ted and Vicki Beck and their crew at Buffalo Joe’s invite surrounding area residents to their fifth anniversary celebration on Saturday, Nov. 23. There will be good music, great food and plenty of fun starting at 5 p.m.

“We have several ideas for making Dupuyer an end destination rather than a stop along the way,” said Ted Beck in an interview with The Valierian five years ago. This week, Ted and Vicki Beck are celebrating not only the ideas that have turned into a successful restaurant, motel and apartment complex, but fosters a sense of community not only for local residents, but those in the surrounding towns.

Saturday, Nov. 23, Buffalo Joe’s will be serving up complementary roasters of shredded beef sandwiches and baked beans to say “thank you” to their loyal patrons for their support the past five years. 

The celebration will be a potluck with those attending bringing their favorite sides, desserts, salads, etc., to kick-off the fun-filled evening, which starts at 5 p.m. Music will follow at 6 p.m. and the Becks are hoping for a huge turnout to help them celebrate their fifth anniversary.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, as they look  back on the last five years, the Becks have plenty to be proud of and thankful for.

Vicki and Ted recall it was quite an undertaking when they made the decision to start the business after Pierre’s Bar and Grill burned down in 2013. Neither of them had any experience in the restaurant or bar business.  

But the community of Dupuyer has always held a special place in the Becks’ lives. Vicki’s grandfather put down roots and farmed in Valier in 1917 before moving back to Kentucky. 

Vicki’s mother, Lois Brock, married Howard Billips and they bought the building that now houses Buffalo Joe’s in 1948. At that time the building was a grocery store and the family lived in the back of the building.  

“It was sold several times over the years and it was a heart-warming day for me when we purchased the building in 2014 from Roger Stinson,” said Vicki. 

After the Becks purchased the liquor license and the building, they needed a name for their new business venture. 

Vicki and Rita Christiaens (formerly Rita Morris) have been lifelong friends. Rita and her late husband, Joe, owned and operated the Inn Dupuyer for 20 years. 

When it came to naming the Becks’ new restaurant, the community support and friendship with the late Joe Christiaens greatly influenced their choice. Dupuyer means hump of the buffalo and the town boasts a sign on each side of the town in the shape of a buffalo. What better way to honor the town the Beck family loves and the friendship of a great man gone too soon… Buffalo Joe’s.

 “Originally Buffalo Joe’s was built for the people of Dupuyer to have a community gathering place but over the past five years the support of the surrounding communities has been tremendous,” shared Vicki.

Ted and Vicki, who live in Helena, rely on the expertise of general manager Angie Munroe to keep their businesses running smooth.

The Becks employ a staff of 15-22 dedicated employees, depending on the time of year. Buffalo Joe’s tasty menu draws not only from the Dupuyer area, but the Golden Triangle area thanks to kitchen manager Shannon Kuka.

 “We greatly appreciate each and every one of our employees for the great job they do.  It is very fulfilling to find local people and those who are willing to drive to Dupuyer to help out,” said Vicki.

The Becks are proud of their restaurant’s menu. They serve only certified choice–never frozen–Angus prime rib and rib steaks, which are the top sellers and are served on Friday and Saturday. Dinner is served beginning 5 p.m. If you’re not a steak or prime rib eater, there are plenty of other choices on Buffalo Joe’s menu to make sure you don’t go home hungry! 

“Occasionally we try to add a few new things to the menu and we also have daily specials,” said Vicki.

Four years ago, the Becks added a 12-room motel and four apartment complex, known as Buffalo Wallow, to help attract tourists to town.  The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and heating, a refrigerator, microwave, and Internet service.  In addition to tourists, locals, hunters, quilters, reunion attendees and wedding parties have all frequented the motel at various times of the year.  

“It was added as a way to supplement the income in the winter months, which is the slowest time of the year,” explained Ted. 

The employees at Buffalo Joe’s are happy to take your call to make motel reservations. Simply call (406) 472-3399. And if no one is available to take your call, you will be directed to a phone number to call to reach someone who can help you. The motel is open all year long.  

Buffalo Joe’s hours are Sunday through Saturday, ll a.m. to 9 p.m.

“We would like to express our thanks to each and every one of our patrons, along with all the staff members, for their support in helping to keep the business open and we wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving,” concluded the Becks.

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