Here is the latest information, as of press time, from Valier School Superintendent Julie Gaffney.

Plans are in motion to launch remote learning starting Thursday, March 26. Between now and Wednesday, you may see staff working at school. Please respect the restricted time they have in the building, they are not allowed to hand out materials or locker belongings, or have any other interactions at school.

Plans for curbside pickup at the elementary building, or delivery of learning materials and locker contents by bus on Wednesday, March 25 is in progress. Bundles of work and remaining locker contents will be grouped by family to limit the number of visits to the school and delivery to home.  Families in town are asked to make arrangements for someone to come collect student work for your family.  If you are a town family that is unable to do curbside pickup, please let Mrs. Mom know. 

If you have only one child at school, all his/her work will be bundled together. Preparations to distribute laptops for students in Grades 4-6 is in progress.The steps for the above will be communicated via website, email and direct phone calls to families, began, Monday, March 23.  Do not go to the school until further notice

You will be asked if you’d like to pick up your materials curbside at the elementary building on Wednesday, or if you’d like to have the items delivered on Wednesday by your bus driver. 

You will be asked to send one person to the school to gather your family’s learning materials and supplies so that contact is reduced to an absolute minimum.

If you will be meeting your bus driver on the regular route to claim your materials, please be patient because items will need to be distributed at each stop as quickly as possible.

Older students picking up their own materials and supplies should not come to the school with groups of friends.

If you have a box or two you can bring with you, that will be helpful to keep materials organized.

If you have not received any electronic communication from your teacher (for older kids), or if parents haven’t received communication from your child’s or children’s teacher (younger kids), please send an email to Mrs. Mom/Lisa at

No activities have been rescheduled. Any events sanctioned by the school district will be posted on this website. At this time, there are none.

Please email me at if you have any questions regarding school sponsored activities.

I would like to thank all parents, guardians, staff, students, trustees, and community members for your patience and compliance during this time.  Thank you to those of you who were able to pick up your children’s locker contents. Keep checking the website.  I will put in place the phone tree and mass email to make sure everyone gets the messages. 

The school buildings are closed to entry to everyone. If your child has prescription medicine at school that you must have, call Mrs. Gaffney at 279-3613 and leave a message with your name and phone number, child’s name, name of medicine, and a time you would like to pick up. We will try to accommodate.

Questions can be emailed to Mrs. Gaffney at Be sure to identify yourself as sometimes email addresses don’t make the sender’s name obvious.

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