U.S. Army veteran Scott Forman is quick to admit, “Jake and the K9 Care Montana family has been a life-changing event in my life...” Jake is Scott’s service dog and hunting partner, thanks, in part, to the generous people of Valier.

The sixth annual K9 Care Montana fundraiser in Valier raised close to $30,000 to help founder and CEO David Riggs provide this country’s “wounded warriors” with nothing but the highest quality service dogs at no cost to the veteran. This year, Riggs was proud to present Scott Forman with not only a beautiful service dog, but also a lifetime companion and hunting partner.

Forman was born in New York, raised in Michigan and made his way to Montana. His life’s journey started in Kingston, N.Y., where he was born on Oct. 2, 1988.  He was raised on a small farm and attended school in Evart, Mich., from 1995-2007. His summer months were spent working on many ranches in Montana, specifically in the Butte area. 

Following his graduation from high school, Forman enlisted in the U.S. Army as a military policeman. His new career offered him many opportunities to serve in various capacities, including as a patrolman on military bases as well as on the Protective Service Details (PSD) for the commander of the United National Command and U.S. Forces–Korea.

“I’ve also worked with K-9 units as a military dog handler (MDH) searching for explosives and narcotics. In Kuwait, I was a Contractor Officer Representative (COR) and was in charge of all civilian contractors involved with the fire departments, EMS, law enforcement and security units on the bases,” shared Forman.

During his three deployments, which lasted anywhere from nine to 15 months, Forman sustained trauma injuries related to his combat deployment. When he returned home, he was “isolating myself from others and going down a dark path.”

Forman credits his family’s diligence in working with Riggs and K9 Care Montana and sharing his story and need for a service dog, to being selected as this year’s recipient.

“My support channels of family and friends, especially my dad, Garry A. Forman, and my mom, Robbie R. Forman, deserve a lot of the credit,” he said.

“Jake and the K9 Care Montana family has been a life-changing event in my life. They were there to help me become closer with my family and friends. Jake provides me with a sense of security and purpose in life again. He goes everywhere with me–all the time,” said Forman.

Since receiving Jake, Forman’s workday now includes another “partner” of the four-legged variety. “Jake goes with me to work every day at the Military Entries Processing Station (MEPS) in Butte. He’s been a positive commodity for other veterans and members in the military in my workplace,” boasts Forman.

He’s also not afraid to admit, “Jake is a special friend in my life and his positive attitude on life is starting to rub off on me.”

Forman expressed his appreciation not only to Riggs but also to the generous supporters in the Valier area for their support of this year’s fundraiser and the gift of his best friend and hunting partner, Jake.

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