Pondera County taxpayers will be happy to know they won’t be seeing much, if any, increase in the county portion of their tax bill this fall. The Pondera County Commissioners approved the 2019-20 budget during its meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 21. 

Commission Chairman Tom Kuka stated county officials are “really fortunate” to approve a budget that allows them to provide needed county services “with the most minimal increase in taxes” for county residents.

The countywide assessed value of Pondera County this fiscal year is $808,285,526, with the value of a countywide mill being $17,481.779. The total budget for FY 2019-20 is $13,902,006, with $8,836,745 being levied funds and $5,065.261 being non-levied funds. The non-levied funds include the funding of $732,474 expenditures with Payment In Lieu of Taxes (PILT) money.

The Pondera County General Fund budget is $1,992,796 for this fiscal year. The Public Safety budget is $1,156,399. The county budgeted $475,200 for Group Health insurance.

The Valier Cemetery District No. 1 budget includes the regular levy of $50,052 plus the voted levy of $16,798 for a total budget of $66,850.

The county approved $297,015 for county libraries and four mills or $84,994 to fund the operations of the Pondera Regional Port Authority.

The budget includes three percent cost-of-living and wage increase for all regular county employees and elected officials.

A copy of the adopted budget is available for pubic review from the Pondera County Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

Taxpayers are asked to remembertheirtax bills include not only Pondera County levies but those of cities and/or towns, school districts and other special districts such as cemeteries and the rural fire district.  With a quick review of their tax bill, taxpayers can see how much of their tax dollars go to the different taxing authorities. 

County officials remind residents those taxing authorities set and approved their budgets, not the County.

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