COVID-19: Don’t freak, be smart & Wash Your Hands, lots!

The Pondera County Health Department would like to inform everyone of what we know as of March 17.

There are confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the state of Montana. There are zero–NO–confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Pondera County.

Public health officials are working around the clock to monitor for and decrease the effects of the spread of COVID-19.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock gave executive orders on March 15 for the following;

•The closure of all non-residential public schools through March 27. 

•Suspension of all non-essential visitation to nursing homes.

This situation is rapidly evolving, and the Pondera County Health Department will continue to update you as information becomes available.

In order to best protect residents of Pondera County, the Pondera County Health Department and other local and government agencies are strongly recommending the following take place:

•Limit all gatherings, especially those of 50 or more people. Organizers should not plan new gathers and should plan to cancel existing gatherings if 50 or more people are expected. If gatherings are not canceled, at this time people should avoid attending.

•People 60 years old and older should not participate in any gatherings, especially gatherings of 20 or more people.

•People who have weakened immune systems or who have chronic health conditions should not participate in any gatherings, especially gatherings of 20 or more people. 

•When possible, parents should exercise caution and avoid placing their children in the care of grandparents/family members/friends/or providers who are over the age of 60 or who have weak immune systems.

In addition to the previous recommendations, Pondera County asks the following:

•Meals at Pondera County senior centers (Conrad andValier) will be “pick-up” or delivery only. Please call ahead so that they can prepare.  

•Many area businesses are asking to do what you can online or by mail. 

•At this time, it has been recommended that retailers remain open to the public. 

•If you have a scheduled gathering or meeting that falls under the prior recommendations, please exercise caution and postpone it until further notice.

The Horizon Lodge and Beehive are screening and restricting visitation if necessary. 

•Our local healthcare providers are asking that anyone who is concerned they may have COVID-19 to please call them before coming in for evaluation. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Pondera County Health Dept. at 271-3247. Please follow our Facebook page to keep up to date on current information. We can be found on Facebook at “Pondera County Health Department.”

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