Sill donates $50,000 to PMC in memory of his late wife

Valier’s Walter Sill made a very generous donation to Pondera Medical Center (PMC) recently. Walter is pictured presenting a check for $50,000 to PMC’s Chief Executive Officer Bill O’Leary. Pictured are, left to right, O’Leary; Cynthia Grubb, RN, Clinical Navigator; Sill; Chief of Staff Dr. Jay Taylor; and Chief Nursing Officer Laura Erickson.

Valier’s Walter Sill made a beautiful tribute to his late wife, Margaret Sill, with his generous donation to Pondera Medical Center (PMC) on Tuesday, Sept. 24. PMC officials accepted a check for $50,000.00 from Sill. “This hospital and extended care have helped me through some difficult times. It helped my wife in her hardest times, and I will most likely need it in the future,” shared Sill. “Margaret wanted to leave a donation that would help the hospital improve care for patients and make things better for nurses.” 

Pondera Medical Center has been a part of the Sill family for more than five decades.  In 1969, Margaret Sill, RN, served as the Nursing Home Administrator, a position she held for eight years. “

It is like a nurse to consider what nurses would want to see implemented,” stated Laura Erickson, PMC’s Chief Nursing Officer. “At the end of the day, nurses want patients to come first, and Margaret was definitely on that page.”

 The generous donation will be used to help fund toward a number of projects, which include the remodel of acute patient care rooms, new recliners for patients, and possibly a contribution to a much-needed wheelchair van that would be dedicated to the transport of patients to specialty appointments.   

PMC’s Chief Executive Officer Bill O’Leary stated, “Without donations, these projects could not be completed in the foreseeable future. Updating rooms increases patient comfort and nursing efficiency. The new chairs will improve the facility’s ability to offer a clean serviceable environment; and an updated wheelchair van would allow for safe transport of residents and patients, which is an issue we continue to address.” 

Sill credits the care he and Margaret received during recent recuperations as another reason for his donation.  Sill said he and Margaret were both able to utilize swing beds, which proved to be an important part of their healthcare journey. 

An earlier contribution by Sill after Margaret’s death in March 2019 allowed PMC to purchase an air mattress topper for the facility, which reduces the risk of decubital ulcers. 

Cynthia Grubb, RN, and Clinical Navigator for the facility, shared, “Walter had to tell me about four times he was going to do this and for what amount—I was just speechless. But Walter was very sure of his intention to help Pondera Medical Center make improvements. He feels like it honors his past and invests in his future.” 

In closing, Dr. Jay Taylor, PMC’s Chief of Staff, concluded, “It is humbling to have the support of a patient; they are who we work for. We strive to provide excellent care and want to thank Walter for his kind words and his generous gift.”

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