Montana State University Extension will host a free seminar on Tuesday, Feb. 11, in Great Falls. Speakers will discuss hemp research, use of pesticides with hemp and update on hemp grown in Montana.

Jan Slaski, PhD, PaG is a principle researcher with InnoTech Alberta and has been leading research aimed at introduction and breeding of hemp varieties that suit the needs of the fiber and food industries for over the last 17 years. Dr. Slaski will discuss hemp breeding, agronomy, fiber processing and product development. Dr. Slaski has been serving hemp industry as a director of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance since 2012.

The second speaker is Andy Gray with the Montana Department of Agriculture where he serves as the hemp program coordinator. Andy will discuss the 2019 hemp growing season and give an update on number of growers, acres planted and more. He will also give an outlook of the license process for 2020 and an overview of the regulatory environment related to hemp production.

Cecil Tharp, PhD serves as the pesticide education specialist for Montana State University. Cecil will present the conventional pesticide registration process and how hemp compares. He will also present an overview of the options available for pest management on hemp and discuss the pros and cons of the limited options available. He will also discuss the future of hemp pesticide registrations in Montana.

The seminar will wrap up with a hemp panel with representation from hemp processing and hemp producers. The seminar is free to attend and those interested in producing hemp are encouraged to attend. Private and commercial pesticide applicator credits will be available. 

The seminar will be held at the Great Falls College MSU’s Heritage Hall, located at 2100 16th Ave. South in Great Falls, at 9:30 a.m. 

The seminar funded by MSU Cascade, Chouteau, Judith Basin, Liberty and Pondera County Extension offices. Contact MSU Cascade County Extension at (406) 454-6980.

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