Little Ainsley VandenBos is proof you’re never too young to learn the positive impact of service to others. Ainsley and the rest of the Wingina 4-H members spent two work nights scraping and painting the posts at the Lakeview Cemetery and finished in time for the annual Memorial Day services.

If you were one of the many local residents and visitors who admired the freshly painted look at the Lakeview Cemetery during the annual Memorial Day services, you can thank the community service-minded members of the Wingina 4-H Club.

The club members held two work nights, first scraping the posts at the cemetery and then painting them, as their most recent community service project. 

Leaders of the club are Rachel Stoltz and Holly Stoltz. “We had lots of good help, so it went fast,” said Rachel. “The kids really pitched in and worked hard.” 

The Wingina 4-H Club purchased the needed supplies and paint for the project and spent around three hours doing the actual scraping and painting. With the number of hardworking members that turned out to help, the work was done in record time.

How did the club members decide on the painting project at the Lakeview Cemetery as their community service project? “We discussed possible community service projects, and the kids voted to do this one,” said Rachel. 

Community service projects are nothing new to the Wingina 4-H Club members. “The kids are also responsible for putting the flags up around town for federal holidays. This is something we have done for years,” explained Rachel. “The various families take turns, and it amounts to probably at least twice per year for each family.”

Last year, club members were involved in a fundraising effort to help fellow 4-H members affected by the fires in Paradise, Calif.  For several years they made pies and took them to the nursing home in Conrad and also delivered some to people in Valier, shared Rachel. “The kids voted on whom to give the ones to in Valier. They usually chose elderly people or just people they felt could use a little pick me up.”

Several years ago, they did work on the old bathrooms at the Marias fairgrounds in Shelby.  

“Community service is a big part of 4-H,” Rachel pointed out. “In fact, community is mentioned in the 4-H pledge,” she added. 

I pledge my head 

to clearer thinking,

My heart to greater loyalty,

My hands to larger service,

and my health to 

better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

The members and leaders of the Wingina 4-H Club are examples of that pledge in action.

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