One of the primary goals of the Valier Area Development Corporation (VADC) is to promote recreation opportunities in and around Valier. In an effort to bring attention to the area, members pursue projects to beautify Valier as well as highlight its unique offerings–including bears!

The VADC is pleased to introduce Victor the Bear. He is the result of the combined efforts of VADC member Nita Tomsheck and graphic arts designer Sarah Welker. Nita suggested a big friendly bear in attire that showcases the fishing opportunities at Lake Frances. Sarah is the creative mind behind Design Beast Creative. Sarah also designed the Lake Frances Triple P Triathlon logo and Valier’s current ad in the Central Montana Travel Planner. She was the obvious choice to put the finishing touches on Nita’s project.

Why a bear mascot? It’s not a secret that there are bears around Valier. You’ve seen the posts on social media and videos of them swimming in the lake, but their presence doesn’t stop people from enjoying Lake Frances. The mascot is a gentle reminder to be watchful while recreating. It’s also Victor’s job to help folks remember this friendly little community so they come back for more fun!

The VADC plans to make Victor memorabilia available to the public in the near future. Watch for signs of Victor as he begins showing up on shirts, hats, online, and in other places around the community. He will probably be present at events such as the Christmas Stroll, Valier Ice Fishing Derby, the Triple P Triathlon, and Homesteader Days. Victor gear would make a great gift for your visitors to Valier.

For more information, contact VADC President Cheryl Curry, or send a message to Valier Area Development Corporation on Facebook.

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