The Pondera County Commissioners met on July 3 and July 10 and, according to the draft minutes of the meetings, held the following discussions or took the following action:

•Janice Kruger, Personal Representative for the Toy Davis Estate contacted the Commissioners about the County purchasing four lots in Valier next to the County Road Shop. The lots are the site of the former Roy Davis Gas Station.  Due to the fact that the land has not been cleaned up the Commissioners will not pursue purchasing the property.  

 •Approved a contract from the Montana Department of Transportation Great Falls Division in the amount of $3,000 and the Havre Division in the amount of $18,000. 

•Approved Resolution #1-2019/20 loaning six reimbursable grant funds with negative cash balances at year-end funds from the General Fund until their grant revenue is received.

•Adopted the Subdivision Review fee schedule as follows: Retracement/Exemption Surveys/Other Certificates of Survey, $250/re-view; Minor Subdivision Preliminary Plat Submittal, $1,000 + $100/lot over three; Final Plat Submittal, $250 + $50 for each lot over three; Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat Submittal, $2,000 + $100 for each lot over six; Final Plat Submittal, $500 + $50 for each lot over six.

•Approved entering into a contract with NWESTCO, LLC for purchase and installation of a 8,000 gallon self-serve fuel system in the amount of $239,317 to be completed by Nov. 29, 2019.  Ninety percent of the cost will be paid by FAA funds and 10 percent by a loan from the Montana Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division

 •Approve the updated job description for Building and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor

 •Approved the June minutes of the Commission.

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