The Pondera County Commissioners held their regularly weekly business meeting on Sept. 11. According to the draft minutes, Commissioners Jim Morren and Dale Seifert took the following action. Commission Chairman Tom Kuka was absent on county business.

•Approved tax abatements in the amount of $40,261.35 due to the centrally assessed settlement with Rocky Mountain Pipeline.

•Approved Task Order 20-07-5-01-037-0 to the Master Contract for the Maternal and Child Health Block Grant Program Grant (MCH). The County will receive $6,883 for federal fiscal year 2019-20.  

•Approved Resolution #5 – 2019/20 which allows for the combining of Pondera County Cemetery District #2 Permanent Care Fund into the Pondera County Cemetery District Operating Fund (7201).

•Approved Resolution #6-2019/20 authorizing a $400 budget amendment to accept revenues for fingerprinting services and crash report copies.

•Approved the purchase of a waste oil heater (including installation) in the amount of $9,598 from Shop Specialties LLC for the Road Department shop in Valier.  The purchase will be paid from the Road and Bridge Capital Improvement Fund.  

•Reviewed the following bids for the purchase of three rotary mowers: Normont Equipment, $19,690 each, $59,070 total; Tilleman Motor Co., $23,500 each, $70,500 total; and Frontline Ag Solutions,  $18,750 each,  $56,250 total. The commissioners accepted the low bid from Frontline Ag Solutions.

•Approved the budgets for the Conrad Elementary and Conrad High School in Pondera County, as prepared by each School District’s clerk and pending the Office of Public Instruction’s approval.  

•Approved allowing an agricultural covenant to be placed on a tract of land in T28N, R2E, Section 20, S1/2NE, NWNE, and S1/2NENE, as permitted under the Montana Subdivision and Platting Act, 76-3-101 through 76-3-625, MCA. 

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