Cathy Brandvold shows off the library’s latest ELSA award.

Last month, at the 106th annual Montana Library Association conference held in Bozeman, the Valier Public Library received the 2018 Excellent Library Service Award (ELSA) from the Montana State Library (MSL) Commission. The awards were announced by the Chair of the Commission, Bruce Newell of Helena. 

The ELSA recognizes libraries for achieving excellence in serving their communities by exceeding the essential Montana Public Library Standards. These standards define “excellence” in 13 categories. Nearly everything happens in Montana’s public libraries, including collection development, information access, policies, planning and evaluation, fiscal management, board accomplishments, continuing education for staff and trustees, and outreach to the community. 

“The Montana State Library Commission is pleased to recognize Montana’s excellent libraries with the Excellent Library Service Award,” said Newell. 

“Providing excellent library services in Montana is not an easy or insignificant thing. Our wide-open spaces, and too often, our steep fiscal challenges, make it difficult for libraries to provide Montanans with the resources, services and technologies they need. Libraries receiving an ELSA have met or surmounted these challenges. The Commission congratulates ELSA-winning libraries’ trustees, library staff and communities for their achievement and commitment to excellence,” she added

Thirty libraries received the ELSA in 2018.

For more information on the Excellent Library Service Award, visit or contact Tracy Cook at 444-9816 or tcook2@

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