Thanks to a partnership of the Valier Public Library, its trustees and local volunteers Valier now has two Free Little Libraries. The bright yellow mailbox, chocked full of free books, is located at the Lake Frances Campground. The second “free library” is housed inside of Folklore Coffee. 

Stan Wangseng donated his time and talents to create both little libraries and Pony Expressions donated the vinyl lettering for the project.

If you love to read, but can’t always make it to the library, “Free Little Libraries” are just for you and they’re popping up all over. The two most recent additions to the Golden Triangle area are courtesy of the Valier Public Library, which, with the help of local volunteers, now has two Free Little Libraries in Valier.

The bright yellow mailbox at the Lake Frances Campground is one of the two Free Little Libraries. It is located near the camp host at the campground. The other can be found inside at the Folklore Coffee Shop. 

Stan Wangseng accepted the call for help from library board members and volunteered to build an amazing book box that resembles the historic old bank building, which now houses Folklore Coffee. 

The “library” at Lake Frances is a repurposed large heavy duty mailbox that Wangseng fixed up, painted, and built mounting brackets to make sure it was sturdy enough to withstand the weather conditions. Pony Expressions of Valier donated vinyl graphics for the box at the lake. 

The Valier Public Library staff and board of trustees know that local residents and travelers sometimes need a good book when the library is closed or other options are not available. 

People are welcome, and encouraged, to adopt a book or drop one off, or both, at either of Valier’s Free Little Libraries.

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