Friends, neighbors and customers are invited as Marias Greenhouse commemorates 30 years in business with a garden party on Saturday, Aug. 24. 

“It’s important to thank the community that has supported us for decades,” said Marias Greenhouse owner Lynne Knobel. “We’ve always felt so honored to be able to serve the area we came from, the area where we raised our kids. This garden party is a little way for us to celebrate our community and to show our gratitude.” All events are free of charge. 

On Saturday, Aug. 24, garden tours begin at 10 a.m. Refreshment from Folklore Coffee will be provided. The garden features herb and vegetable sections, as well as over fifty blooming planters and distinctive art. Unique attractions include exotic berry bushes such as Goji Berry, Hapskap Berry and Sea Buckthorn. 

Enjoy cairns, stonework, rustic huts and a passive solar greenhouse; huts are available for guests to use on a first come, first serve basis. Guests are encouraged to bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the fragrance and beauty of the flowers alongside friends and neighbors. 

 “Marias Greenhouse has given us the chance to explore some really interesting new berries and flowers- and we wanted to share that with our customers!” said Knobel. “We have the opportunities to tour beautiful gardens across the U.S., and wanted to bring that same experience here in Conrad.” 

Tours continue into the afternoon, with a wine tasting beginning after lunch. Wine is provided by Vintage Sellers of Great Falls. A BBQ will be provided in the early evening and guests can enjoy a performance by Great Falls-based band Hell City Kitty.

In 1988, Ben and Lynne Knobel purchased the greenhouse in 1988. Former owner Delores Berg was instrumental in teaching the Knobel’s how to start seeds and nurture plants in the greenhouse. 

Ben is a native of Conrad, and Lynne is from Dutton.

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