Folklore Coffee owner Andy Pollard is enjoying getting to know the Valier community. He has been busy training Melissa Peebles, above, along with the other new employees, Rhanda EagleSpeaker and Kylie Christiaens in how to brew and pour the perfect shots of Folklore Coffee for their many specialty drinks.

Traffic is a little heavier now at the corner of Montana and Teton Avenue in Valier thanks to the opening of Folklore Coffee last week. Owners Andy and Anna Pollard were overwhelmed by the community’s support at their grand opening on Friday, Feb. 28.  

What enticed the Pollards to open their third Folklore Coffee shop in Valier? 

“We were approached by the owner of Pony Expression to take over the coffee operations that had once been in the building. As soon as we looked at the space we were in love with it,” shared Andy. “Also, part of our commitment from the start of Folklore was to serve the highest end coffee possible to small towns that might not normally get it.” 

Folklore Coffee currently has three employees, but with the busy summer season approaching that may change, said Andy. 

Currently, their staff of baristas includes Melissa Peebles, Rhanda EagleSpeaker and Kylie Christiaens. 

“We are starting out by being open from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays,” he said. “We may add hours, especially once tourists start rolling through.”

The original Folklore Coffee in Conrad, and its sister Folklore Coffee in Whitefish, both are famous for their delicious pastries. The Valier location will also have a limited selection of pastries on hand each day as well as a tasty and filling lunch offering.

 “We are carrying a couple of pastries everyday and we have a great deal worked out where Curry’s is making the Folklore chicken salad recipe and putting into wraps for us,” said Andy. “The wraps are served with lightly salted kettle chips and make an awesome lunch.”

If you are a Folklore Coffee lover, the Valier location will be stocking retail coffee bags for sale, too.

The Pollards are leasing their business space in Valier. They are currently looking to expand to a fourth location. “I can’t give too many details yet, but we are in the process of an exciting fourth location to go along with Conrad, Whitefish and Valier,” said Andy.

 “We are all about community, he continued, adding they are open to hosting community events.

“We are committed, in addition to serving the best coffee, to be a place where people feel welcome, accepted and can mingle and enjoy the wonderful community the live in together,” concluded Andy.

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