In an effort to better inform Valier area residents on the happenings at Pondera Medical Center and actions taken by the PMC Board of Directors, the board will provide The Valierian with their post-meeting bulletin for publication. 

The following are the PMC board meeting highlights from the July 23 meeting. 

Members of the PMC board of directors are: Bernard Ries, Chairman; Craig Ostman, vice chair; Debbie Sturm, secretary; Janice Hoppes, treasurer. Other board members include Brent Gaylord, Chris Sullivan, Darby Donoven and Jim Morren.

CEO Report

CEO Bill O’Leary presented the CEO report:

•PMC signed a new agreement with Border Resources for the Oil and Gas Lease for $6,000 payment.

•PMC’s new billboard should be going up, hopefully within the next week. Our focus has changed to focus on back to school, immunizations, physicals, etc., and then will change after our new provider is credential and on board. 

•ServiceMaster took over July 15 for cleaning the facility. They are working with less staff than we had and Bill Aldridge is their new manager; the staff we had went to work for them. 

•2019 Rural Health Clinic Evaluation and Critical Access Hospital Review was done this month and the report will be available to the Board next month. 

•Sleep Lab accreditation has been approved, thanks to CJ Rauscher.

•Cardiac Rehab received a new certification, thanks to Jenny Broesder and CJ Rauscher.

•PMC will have a WWAMI RUOP student, Morgan Julian, who will be here another week.

•PMC received a thank you from KRMC Foundation for our donation toward the future mobile mammography unit.

They discussed Guardian Health Services and are expecting another response from them this month regarding the delay in getting nursing staff here.


Please see the complete minutes on the PMC website, www.ponderamedical.org

Interested individuals can also call PMC and ask for O’Leary or Brenda Ries, Director of Finance, with specific questions.

Board Chair Report

Chairman Ries reported on the following: 

•The Board reappointed Debbie Sturm and Janice Hoppes to serve another three-year term. 

Election of Officers

Officers of the PMC Board were elected as follows: Bernard Ries, chairman; Craig Ostman, vice-chairman; Debbie Sturm, secretary; Janice Hoppes, treasurer. Each officer will serve for one year, effective July 1, 2019.

Pondera HealthCare 

Foundation Report

Board member Darby Donoven reported that secondary long-term financing has been approved for the walking path of which the balance will be reduced by the amount of donations received. They are still having fundraisers and grants are still coming in. 

Policy Review

The Board approved the procedures policy regarding Agreements with Physicians, Allied Health Professionals and Other Referrals. CEO O’Leary explained that this policy was developed to ensure that PMC providers comply with all the regulations such as Stark and Anti-kickback laws. 

Emergency Preparedness Report

Cynthia Grubb, Director of Emergency Preparedness, reported on the phone system failure over Memorial weekend and said that all calls were going to Laura’s personal cell phone through a glitch. Cynthia outlined the steps that were taken to correct the issue, setting up a temporary backup “office trailer” with phone lines, cell phone and computer access along with a satellite phone that could be used in an emergency and install an analog line at the nurse’s station that would get the calls if the system went down again. The group discussed at length.

The new Community Health Needs Assessment Steering Committee had their first meeting last week,  including representatives from MSU to lead the questionnaire. After the meeting, the new survey came back for any additional questions, and the final survey is expected to go out to the public the first week of August.

The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, Aug. 27, at 4 p.m. in the PMC Conference Room. As always, the public is invited to attend.

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