The Pondera County Commissioners met on Nov. 6, and according to the draft minutes, conducted the following business:

•Approved the job description for a Short Term Problem Area Assessment Assistant.  The assistant will work approximately 15 days under the supervision of the Road Supervisor to identify problem areas with the roads and bridges around the County.   

•Approved Resolution #10 – 2019/20 Declaring Property Surplus And Setting the sale of six Automark Ballot Marking Devices and one 1,000 Gallon Fuel Tank (Conrad Airport). 

The Commissioners approved selling the Automarks through trade-in on new equipment and the fuel tank at a private sale.

•Approved Resolution #11 – 2019/20 Authorizing Budget Amendments To Pondera County Budget. The budget amendment corrects errors in revenues and expenditures, which are lower or higher than originally estimated.

•Approved the October minutes of the Commission. 

•Approved the purchase of seven new computers and upgrading two computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 at a total cost of $12,915 which includes installation of all computers. The computers being replaced or upgraded currently run on Windows 7, which will no longer be supported after December 2019.  The computers will be paid out of the budget of each department receiving them.

The Pondera County Commissioners met on Nov. 13, and according to the draft minutes, conducted the following business:

•Approved a request from Undersheriff Robert Bender asking that a flatbed trailer purchased by the DUI Taskforce and Alliance For Youth (a state organization) be allowed to license with exempt license plates, as it is used in conjunction with the Sheriff Department and considered property of the Sheriff Department.  

•Approved the revised job description for a Sheriff Deputy. 

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