The Valier Town Council received zero feedback since the June article in The Valierian requesting community input on the feral cat problem in town.

The Town Council has determined the feral cat problem in Valier poses a health risk to the community members as well as domestic cats. Feral cats carry and breed disease which all pose a threat to spread of disease to persons or other domestic cats through feces, bites, scratches, etc. For example, children playing in dirt that contains diseased feral cat feces or community members cleaning diseased cat feces out of their yards, can all contract diseases. The health of our community is a priority. As well feral/ unvaccinated cats stand to suffer prolonged sickness and death. 

We have reviewed the options presented to the public in the article last June and the current stance is we need a community public/private partnership to manage the feral cat population. Without a partnership with the community, the Town of Valier is unable to control the feral cat problem. The Town of Valier is not willing to take on the liability risk to spread disease by re-homing feral cats (which are usually not adoptable) caught from live trapping or releasing cats outside of the city limits. 

The Town can supply live traps and can utilize the Town employees to tend to the traps.  Sickly cats would be humanely euthanized immediately. The Town employees will be paid time and community budget dollars to transport the cats to a spay/neuter and vaccination clinic. However, we need community volunteers; at their personal expense, to pick up the cats from the spay and neuter clinics for post-operative care and find and transport the adoptable cats to new homes. Our town employees are not hired to tend to the animal’s post-surgical care. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the Town of Valier office at Town of Valier Office P.O. Box 512 – 514 Montana St. Valier, MT 59486

The greatest solution and most humane approach to the feral cat problem is prevention. Please spay and neuter your cats, do not harbor or feed feral cats, license and tag or chip your beloved cats per city ordinance.  A pet license in $5 per year at the Town of Valier office.

The Town of Valier will begin live trapping feral cats in the spring of 2021. If the cats are domestically identifiable the owner will be notified. If the trapped cat is not identifiable, the fate of the feral cat will be determined by a volunteer community public/private partnership, otherwise all captured cats will be humanely euthanized.

Thank you to our community members who actively participating in making Valier a great place to live! The public is always welcome to attend the Town Council meetings and we appreciate your input. If you have ideas or concerns to be brought forward at the meetings, please reach out to the town council members or the Town of Valier Office. 

Hope you make time to enjoy the beautiful fall season!

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