The Pondera County Commissioners conducted the following business at their May 1 meeting. According to the draft minutes, the Commissioners:

•Approved holding a public hearing on Thursday, May 30, at 6:30 p.m. at the Dupuyer Community Center on the proposed consolidation of the Dupuyer polling place with the Valier polling place, beginning with the 2020 Federal Primary Election.  

•Held first reading enacting an ordinance for the Pondera County Airport affected area regulations. A full copy of proposed Ordinance #1-2018/29 is available in the Clerk and Recorder’s office filed under Document Number 332838. The second and final reading is set for June 5 at 10 a.m. in the Commissioners’ Office.

•Approved a HAVA Election Security Grant application for cost share to update election equipment (AutoMark) required for polling places to assist disabled voters.  The HAVA money was distributed to each state and the Secretary of State of Montana is responsible for distributing the matching funds to counties.  

•Approved the following Yearly Right-of-Way Forage Removal Agreement/ Applications, pending approval by the County Road Supervisor: Devon Kelly Rauscher, West Valley Road, Arod Lakes Road, first five miles heading west; Brad and Nancy Bruner, Price Road starting at Midway South to Berland Loop, on both sides of the road. The deadline to apply for a permit to hay the county road rights-of way was May 1.

•Approved the Encroachment Agreement requested by the Nelson Farm and Ranch of Valier to install an approach for agricultural purposes on Bullhead Road. 

•Approved the April 2019 minutes of the Commission. 

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