In an effort to better inform Valier area residents on the happenings at Pondera Medical Center and actions taken by the PMC Board of Directors, the board will provide The Valierian with their post-meeting bulletin for publication. 

The following are the PMC board meeting highlights from the Nov. 26 meeting. 

Members of the PMC board of directors are: Bernard Ries, Chairman; Darby Donoven, vice chair; Debbie Sturm, secretary; Janice Hoppes, treasurer. Other board members include Brent Gaylord, Chris Sullivan, Craig Ostman and Jim Morren.

CEO Report

Chief Executive Officer Bill O’Leary updated the board on the following:

•Quorum Health Resources provided a quote for the various services they provide, including the Virtual CFO proposal. They will not be conducting an onsite Facility Assessment.  

•Lincoln Energy Partners forfeited the Oil and Gas Lease. An offer to purchase the mineral and royalty rights was received from Discovery Oil, LLC.

•There will be a webinar on the Board’s Rose in Patient Safety and Risk Management will be held Friday, Jan. 24, and any interested board ,ember may participate.

•Congratulations to Dr. Jay Taylor, recipient of the Frank Newman Rural Clinician Leadership Award for National Rural Health Day.

•The facility Christmas Party will be Friday, Dec. 13 at the Pondera Golf Club.  The Board approved the requested funds. 

•There will be a Blood Drive on Monday, Dec. 23 from 10-3 in the Main Conference Room.

•Employees participated in the annual Brawl of the Wild food drive, resulting in the Griz fans garnering 132 lbs. of food and $194.00 in donations and the Cat fans bringing in 109 lbs. of food and $84.00 in donations.  A total of 241 lbs. of food and $278 was raised for the Pondera Food Pantry.  Town Pump matched the monetary donations for a grand total of $556 donated in PMC’s name.  


Please see the complete minutes on the PMC website, www.ponderamedical.org

Interested individuals can also call PMC and ask for O’Leary or Brenda Ries, Director of Finance, with specific questions.

Quality Assurance/-Infection Prevention Quarterly Reports

Julia Drishinski, RN, Director of Quality Assurance/Infection Prevention, presented the third quarter report, noting the Medical Records and Purchasing Departments made significant progress in their monitoring projects.    Monitoring continues throughout all departments in order to provide continuing quality care.  PMC will be participating in a new collaboration with other facilities and they are looking at new projects.  Overall, the facility ranks very high in quality statistics when compared to other facilities in Montana.  

The facility participated in a cardiac care project, which featured an interactive simulation.  PMC received several awards at the annual Montana Hospital Association conference.  

In the area of Infection Prevention, the linen management project is a new focus area.  There are still about 35 employees who will receive the flu vaccine in the near future.  

Julia stressed the importance of a quality and safety culture throughout the facility and reviewed the power point she presented to the employees.

Cynthia Grubb, RN, Rural Healthcare Clinic Manager, reviewed the satisfaction survey form with the Board and stated she has received many surveys from patients and will present a report to the Board by the end of the year.

Resolutions Adopted

The Board reviewed and adopted a resolution authorizing O’Leary to engage AOK Fire Servic3 and expend $12,135.84 to replace the fire alarm panel and annunciator equipment. Funding will be the levied funds at the County.  

The board also approved a Resolution authorizing the CEO to enter into a three-year service agreement for the Blood Culture Incubator Machine, payable in quarterly installments of $948.75 for a total of $11,385.00.

Pondera HealthCare Foundation Report

Bernard Ries and Darby Donoven reported the Feb. 1, 2020 fundraising event will be a sit-down dinner and entertainment at Norley Hall with raffles for a side-by-side and a riding lawn mower.  A limited number of raffle tickets will be sold and are available from Foundation members.  

Proceeds will be used for the remaining needs of the walking path, PMC medical equipment and program support to mental health programs in the County.

The December Board meeting will be on Monday, Dec. 23, at 4 p.m. in the PMC Conference Room.  As always, the public is invited to attend. 

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