Meet Stephanie and Terran Lohman, owners of Beehive Homes in Cut Bank, and Neely Burdeau, who manages the recently opened Memory Care Facility.

It has been a couple years since its doors have been open, but thanks to the new amazing owners, Terran and Stephanie Lohman, Beehive Homes of Cut Bank is open again and back in business.

Beehive Homes of Cut Bank is located at 318 East Main Street. In its past life, it was an assisted living facility. Now, thanks to the Lohmans’ complete remodeling job, Beehive Homes is open for business as a memory care facility.

Being a memory care home means the Lohmans will be taking care of residents who suffer from forms of dementia, with Alzheimer’s being the most well-known of those. 

“We have 11 rooms,” Terran shared. “And right now, we have three residents in our facility.”

All the rooms or apartments, as well as the rest of the home, have been cleaned up, freshened up or remodeled. Each room comes complete with a half bathroom, closet space, more than enough room for a bed and a few pieces of furniture and a big, bright window with blinds. 

There is fresh paint throughout the home, a brand new, beautiful and big bathroom for residents to use for showers and a comfortable living room complete with a simulated fireplace and new rock wall that houses the fireplace. The facility also features a a remodeled kitchen where the delicious, homemade three-meals a day are created for the residents. They will surely enjoy eating in the sunny and cheery dining room.

Terran was responsible for the remodel that changed the look inside in a big way. “We have a few things to finish and some decorating still to do, but we are close to being done with the remodel,” he shared.

Because Beehive Homes in Cut Bank is a memory care unit, the Lohma’s were required to abide by a number of rules, one of those being they have to have a secured entry, for going in and going out. 

“We have a keypad entry, which means our doors are secured and the residents are not able to leave the facility without us knowing about it,” Terran pointed out. “Everything in the house is done with the residents in mind.” 

Right now, Beehive Homes in Cut Bank has seven employees, including their full-time manager, Neely Burdeau. “We will add staff as we add residents,” said Stephanie.

The Lohmans are not new to having a business in a small community. They own and operate two other Beehive Homes, one in Choteau and the other in Conrad. Both of those homes are assisted living facilities. They purchased all three homes about a year ago.

“We are really excited to be in Cut Bank,” Stephanie said. “And very excited to get to know the people that make up this community.”

The Lohmans now live in Conrad, having moved from Florence last August. They have four children, Trey, Meghan, Bryce and Blake. Terran is a retired firefighter, having worked in Missoula in that profession for the last 20 years. Stephanie is a Registered Nurse, having been in that field for the last 25 years.

“We found something we had in common, our love for working with the elderly,” Stephanie said. “Knowing that, we started looking at opportunities where we could do that and then the Beehive Homes opportunity came up.”

Stephanie does most of the administrative work, arranging for patients, working on billing, etc. She also fills in as the R.N. at the homes, whenever there is a need. “That, of course, is something I really love to do,” she said.

Stephanie is the one to contact for questions about placing your loved one in the home. She can be reached at 406-370-3507.

Terran has done most of the remodeling work on all three homes and takes care of the maintenance work as well. He and Stephanie both enjoy the interaction and time spent with the residents, making it the right fit for them and the residents.

“We want people to come see the new Beehive Homes, so we are holding a grand opening on Nov. 22 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is our chance to let the community see what we have been up to,” Terran said. “We invite everyone to join us on that day.”

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