The following are the highlights from the draft minutes from the Valier School Board’s meeting on May 14. The minutes were scheduled to be formally approved at the June meeting, which was held on Tuesday, June 11. Draft minutes of that meeting will be presented in an upcoming issue.

•The board approved purchasing a John Deere lawn mower with bagger from Front Line Ag Solutions for $9,736.89.  

•Chairman Tim Hartwell welcomed Trina Bradley to the board. Bradley was appointed by acclamation to fill the remainder of her term. Hartwell was appointed as the board chairman for the 2019-20 school year.  Don Connelly was appointed as the vice-chairman and Mary Lundy was appointed to serve as the District Clerk. 

•The board declared Kenny Peterson’s trustees seat vacant and then appointed Kurt Christiaens to fill the vacancy.  

•The board hired the following coaches for the 2019-20 school year: Jeremy Curry, head VHS football coach; Rhandi EagleSpeaker, head VHS volleyball coach; Ben Christiaens, head VHS boys’ basketball coach; Michelle Beck, head VHS girls’ basketball coach; Clayton Gernaat, head VHS wrestling coach; John Briggs, head elementary football coach.

 •The board tabled the agenda item, “Consideration of Additional Elementary Certified FTE (full-time equivalent).” 

•Mrs. Gaffney notified the board that she had accepted resignations from William Fogleman and Trina Fogleman.  

•The board approved classified staff contracts for 2019-2020 for: Tami Bock, Debbie Inabnit, Diana Ketcheson, Milissa Kochel, Anne McAlpine, Lisa Momchilovich, Leslie Nelson, Jim Sheble, Stacey Steele, Bruce Stull, Colleen Swanson, Robert Swanson and Rhonda Wester. 

•The board approved the 2019-2020 classified salary schedule as presented as well as the Schoolhouse IT proposal for 2019-2020 and the first reading of Policy 7320.

In her facility and Superintendent’s Report, Supt. Julie Gaffney:

•Informed the board that she is still looking for a music teacher and there are no candidates at this time. She will post an opening for an art teacher on the OPI website and repost the music position.

•Informed the board another contractor looked at the roof and she will have bids ready at the June 11 meeting.

•Explained the Valier School District has been offered the opportunity to split the cost of the cameras for the Pixellot School Broadcast System with Sunburst Schools for the price of $2,500.00 plus a small installation fee.  The equipment will be used to stream our athletic games.  The school district will be proceeding with the purchase. 

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