Pondera Medical Center’s Aaron Dahle, PA-C, will be doing military training for the next four weeks and will return to PMC in early June. PMC is happy to support Dahle and his family and are proud of his military service to our country.

Pondera Medical Center is proud to support Clinic Provider, Aaron Dahle, PA-C, as he takes military leave. Dahle was welcomed to the team back in September and has proved to be a great asset to the Clinic. 

Dahle will be training for the next four weeks and will return the first part of June. This training is necessary to provide Dahle with the specific skills he will need in his new position with the Aviation Unit in the Army National Guard. 

Military training and leave are not a new concept to Dahle as he has served over five years in the Army National Guard within three states, including Alaska and Kansas, and is currently active with the Army National Guard in Montana. However, that does not make leaving his family, community, and patients any easier. Dahle and his wife, who live in Choteau, have seven children. 

“We are very lucky with the community we live in. Taking leave is hard enough on a personal level; leaving my wife and children for four weeks is tough. We have received a lot of support through our family, friends, and church group. I also feel fortunate to have support in my professional life during these leave times. I’m grateful for PMC’s support during this transition,” said Dahle.

“We all appreciate Aaron’s service to this country and are happy to support him in whatever ways we can. In his absence, our Clinic will continue to serve his patients until his return. We are all looking forward to Aaron’s return,” said Dr. Jay Taylor, Chief of Staff and Provider at PMC. 

Dahle will be available for appointments again beginning in June. To schedule an appointment with Dahle call the PMC Clinic at 406-271-3231.

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