Valier’s Casey Wheeler, left, and Brooke Anderson, not pictured, recently donated half a beef to Pondera Medical Center. Accepting their generous donation on behalf of PMC is the Dietary Department’s Jen Gunderson.

Casey Wheeler and Brooke Anderson of Valier stopped by Pondera Medical Center last week. Don’t worry, they weren’t injured or ill. They were delivering professionally processed and packaged Montana beef–a delicious donation to Pondera Medical Center to provide PMC’s dietary department with high quality meat to use in resident and employee meals.

Casey and Brooke won a raffle prize of half a beef from the Cut Bank Lion’s Club. Not being in need of the beef themselves, they generously donated the beef to PMC, knowing it would be appreciated and put to good use. Hospitals have extremely strict regulations on food quality, inspection and where we can purchase food for our facility; so PMC was grateful they were so willing to have the beef processed and delivered right to PMC’s back door.

Truly humbled by the gesture, we asked Casey, “Why PMC?” He responded, “PMC took great care of our grandmother Mary Rose so we figured we could help them out in a positive way.”

Comments like these are a good reminder of why we do what we do; and why we do it where we do it. In Pondera County, and all of the Golden Triangle, agriculture is a huge part of our livelihood.

Many of us at PMC are farmers and ranchers ourselves. We see the impact both industries have on our communities and know that it is a team effort. Our vitality as a community relies on supporting each other–from ag to healthcare to small business. We are all in it together. 

 “Ag is my life. Without agriculture and healthcare, Montana and the world wouldn’t be what it is. We feed everyone and you guys keep them healthy,” said Casey.

From all of us at Pondera Medical Center, a sincere thank you to Casey and Brooke. We are so humbled that you would think of our facility and go out of your way to make this donation. We would not exist without the support of our community partners, families and friends. When your patients are your friends and neighbors (and food source), it means a little more.

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