Valier’s Terry Leonard was honored on July 30 for his assisting the Drug Enforcement Administration in ‘dismantling’ a drug trafficking organization in California, Utah and Montana. Pictured are, left to right, Montana Department of Corrections (DOC) Investigations Manager Paul Szczepaniak, DEA Special Agent Jeremy Crowther, DOC Agent Terry Leonard and Montana DOC Director Reginald Michael.

Montana Department of Corrections (DOC) Agent Terry Leonard was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for “significant contribution” to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Billings Resident Office on July 30. Valier’s Agent Leonard was instrumental in assisting the DEA in “disrupting and dismantling a complex drug trafficking organization encompassing  California,  Utah and  Montana.”

Leonard is a former deputy with the Pondera County Sheriff’s Department. He is currently based in Shelby with the DOC.

“We are fortunate in Montana to have great state, federal and local agency interaction and collaboration. We wouldn’t have been able to disrupt that multi-state drug trafficking organization without a concerted effort between DEA, DOC, the Russell Country Drug Task Force (Great Falls) as well as other regional task forces,” said Leonard.

Agent Leonard’s assistance resulted in the seizure of approximately two pounds of methamphetamine near Belgrade, which was being transported to Billings. 

Additionally, Agent Leonard provided intelligence and assisted in several controlled buys of methamphetamine, which resulted in the seizure of one and two thirds pounds of methamphetamine near Butte.  

Agent Leonard assisted on another interdiction stop on a major drug trafficker and DOC probationer, which resulted in the seizure of heroin, LSD and two pounds of cocaine.

Thanks to Agent Leonard’s efforts and assistance, DEA was able to obtain three federal convictions and several indictments are pending for major drug traffickers in Montana and within DOC facilities. 

Leonard commended the staff and officers at the Crossroads Correctional Center in Shelby. “They have been instrumental in helping DOC stop the transfer of illegal articles into the prison systems, and helping disrupt drug trafficking networks outside the prison. They are invaluable partners,” stressed Leonard.

 “Agent Leonard has demonstrated dedication in assisting DEA in combating drug trafficking in Montana. He has gone beyond the call of duty and DEA would  like  to recognize  him for his efforts,” stated Deanne L. Reuter, Special Agent, U.S. Department of Justice, Denver Field Division.

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Terry was a great up and coming deputy for Lake County, until he and a few others attempted to expose and correct bad behavior by LE officers and administrators of the previous two administrations. He was terminated and his home raided by the administration he was exposing. Obviously he was never charged with anything, they just attempted to intimidate him. Thank God we now have an honest Sheriff in Lake County's Donald R Bell. Way to go Terry. This is but one award he has received. Much of what he does in LE and in the military will remain unknown due to the sensitively of his missions.

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