The crew from America’s Choice Roofing, Inc., harnessed themselves to begin repairs on iconic Methodist Church in Valier. The church was among the numerous structures in town that received damage from a devastating June 2019 hailstorm. The crew completed the project last week.

The hailstorm of June 2019 delivered a lot of damage to Valier residents’ and businesses’ structures. Many are still awaiting repairs to roofs and siding. One structure that sustained damage is the iconic United Methodist Church with its steep shingled walls rising above three stories. Passersby have commented, “I wouldn’t want to have to repair that roof!”

The challenge of repairing the church’s shingles did not deter America’s Choice Roofing, Inc. The crew went to work April 27 filling four large dumpsters with old and damaged materials from the walls and roof, which rise nearly three feet for every linear foot.

By evening, they were strapped into harnesses, climbing and descending on rappelling ropes, and attaching Tyvek underlayment to the sides of the steep structure. The wind came up making that project even more difficult. America’s Choice Roofing, Inc. owner Greg Wood complimented his hard working crew. “I’m not their boss, they’re mine!”

It took nearly 10 months to get the entire project approval worked out. Dick Schock said the project “fell heavy on my shoulders,’’ as he was the church’s representative working with the insurance company, the adjuster, and the contractor. The original estimates from the insurance company came in very low. It’s a dangerous job due to the steep rise.

Schock indicated that one of the challenges was to find a contractor willing to take on the job. “It’s a really good crew, with a lot of experience and expertise.”

“The church is really fortunate the insurance company came through for them,” said Wood as he showed off some of the finished work. The new shingles are a “shake look alike” metal shingle.

Schock is a retired fireman. “My total approach was fire concerns,” he explained. He was determined that the replacement materials would not be wood shakes. The existing shingles were in much worse condition than anyone realized, posing fire risks.

It wasn’t until January/February 2020 that all parties were able to sit down and have a face-to -ace conversation. A third-party engineer was consulted and set the standard required for replacement, at which time the insurance company reassessed their adjustment to allow adequate funding for the project.

 Final cost will not be determined until all parties sign off on the repairs, but Schock estimated it will be well over $100,000.00.

America’s Choice Roofing, Inc. repaired other structures in Valier after the hail damage. Wood called his experiences here “delightful” and mentioned that the “local dumpster folks have been amazing!”

Drive by and look at the new roof. It is also amazing!

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