It is back to school time for Valier students! School resumed on Wednesday, Aug. 21 for first graders through seniors. Thursday, Aug. 22 is the first day for Valier’s Kindergarten students. 

After what seemed like a late-arriving summer, the school building and grounds are ready to receive students. A big thank you to our maintenance team, Robert and Bruce, for doing such a great job.

New to our staff this year are Mrs. Heidi Hooker from Shelby, Mrs. Jessica Spinner, from Wisconsin, and Ms. Savannah Momchilovich, from Valier. Mrs. Hooker will be teaching K-8 general music, 9-12 Choir, and 7-12 Drama.

Mrs. Spinner will be teaching first through 8th Grade at the Kingsbury Colony and has agreed to take over Yearbook advisor duties. Ms. Momchilovich will be assisting Mrs. Spinner at the colony as an aide. 

Please introduce yourselves when you have a chance and welcome them to our community. All teachers have all been working very hard to prepare their classrooms and lessons for this school year.

Currently, Valier Schools does not have a band teacher. I will continue to advertise and seek a special person to conduct our pep band and band classes.

Valier Elementary and Valier High School have been very busy places this summer. The swimming pool was open almost all summer and provided an excellent opportunity for young and old to enjoy swimming regardless of the weather. The gym was busy with adult volleyball and basketball and the weight room got quite a workout

The school did suffer a great deal of hail damage earlier this summer resulting in broken windows, ruined gutters, shredded siding, stripped paint, a damaged scoreboard, and damaged vehicles and doors. Valier was hit very hard, and the repairs are being made as materials and laborers become available.  Our maintenance team secured all damaged areas, started repairs, and have been working hard to identify replacement materials and contractors. The older buildings pose some challenges when trying to find matching replacement materials.

A great big thanks to Myrna Monroe for planting the beautiful flowers outside the high school and elementary buildings and giving the school a fresh summer look as people pass by.

The elementary roof repairs have started and the contractor is busy removing and replacing damaged areas. Remind your children to be careful around the workers and equipment at all times, during and after school hours.

Fall sports practices have begun.

Freshman students had orientation on Monday, Aug.19. All other students pre-registered last spring and will have a few days to adjust their schedules now that teachers have been hired and the schedule finalized. There was a lot of student enrollment in and out of the school this summer, resulting in a three student increase in enrollment over last year. Valier is a school of choice for many students, and I am proud to say that we do everything we can to meet the individual needs of each student.

Teachers and paraprofessionals reported for staff training earlier this week. They were very busy preparing classes, updating their instructional skills, adding knowledge about today’s youth and trends in education, and getting their classrooms ready. There is a lot of energy flowing through the classrooms and halls, and I’m confident that excitement will extend to the students as well.

In August, the Board of Trustees finalized the 2019-2020 budget. The school is in good financial condition as we continue to address aging facilities, expand electives, and provide students with exciting learning opportunities. 

The camera system is being upgraded to include a few more exterior and interior cameras to fill in some of the blind spots. The cameras help with investigations into mischief and provide additional security at all the entrances and exits. 

On behalf of the school district, I am very grateful for the technology levy that allows our school to maintain safe, secure, and contemporary technology features spanning every department.

Before we know it, graduation will be upon us and winter will have passed. In the meantime, I wish all families a safe, productive, healthy, and prosperous year ahead. School is now in session so be sure to watch out for novice drivers, buses stopped to pick up children, and the little ones walking to and from the schools.

Watch the school calendar at valier.k12.mt.us for the latest updates game and event schedules and times. 

I look forward to seeing the community at our events.

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