As of press time, still only four individuals have filed for the three open seats on the Valier School Board. Erik Nelson and Chas Bales are seeking the two three-year terms on the board and Erika Nefzger and Cole Peebles have filed for the two-year vacancy. 

The three-year terms of Tim Hartwell and Robert Widhalm expire this year. Neither had filed for re-election as of press time.

Nefzger was appointed by the board in December to fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Kurt Christiaens. He resigned after moving out of the district. Nefzger was appointed to serve until the May school election. There are still two years left of Christiaens’ term. 

Candidates have until Thursday, March 25 to file for the open seats. Those candidates who have filed will then have until April 1 to withdraw from the race. 

If only three candidates remain after the April 1 deadline–two for the three-year terms and one for the two-year term–they will all be elected by acclamation and no trustee election will be held.

All candidates for school board must meet the following qualifications:

•18 years of age or older

•Citizen of the United States and a registered voter.

•Resident of Montana, Pondera County and live within the boundaries of school district for at least 30 days

To file for election to the school board, candidates must pick up a nomination petition from Valier Schools District Clerk Mary Lundy. Although Lundy will be out of the office, she said she has arranged for one of the school secretaries to be available to assist candidates.

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