The regularly scheduled meeting of the Valier Town Council was held on March 9, and was well attended by local residents. During the public comment portion of the meeting, local resident Joseph Guevara presented information regarding State of Montana Zoning Regulations. He voiced his concern that a trailer was placed on a residential lot without following the state requirements. 

During his presentation to the Council, Guevara offered documents to corroborate his concerns. He questioned whether the local zoning committee followed the proper procedure in issuing the building permit. 

Additional comments included concerns over property values and the lack of a foundation as per zoning laws. 

Valier resident Sheron Curry thanked Guevera for his extensive research.

Mayor Glenn Wunderlich assured the attendees that the zoning issue will be on next month’s agenda. “If we did something wrong, then we will remove it” after the city attorney addresses it, stated Wunderlich.

Craig Nowak of Morrison-Maierle briefly explained the proposed sewage treatment plant and water line upgrades. (See related article.)

The monthly law enforcement report was presented by Deputy Jason Cichosz. He informed the council and public that hypodermic needles have been found in the area. He cautioned that individuals should not risk contact with the needles but to instead call law enforcement to dispose of the needles.

Chelsea Pardo of Bozeman Green Build (BGB) offered information regarding an energy evaluation and the feasibility of installing solar energy panels at the wastewater facility. BGB will facilitate grant application to cover 90% of the cost of installation. 

There is no commitment of funds to proceed with the grant application. BGB estimates that the system would offset 71% of energy costs and Valier’s investment would be recouped in the first year.

The council approved Resolution 175 to adopt the Wastewater Preliminary Engineering Report Update, Resolution 176 to adopt the Final Assessment, and Resolution 177 to authorize submission of the Treasure State Endowment Program  (TSEP) grant application.

Alderwoman Janelle Nelson reported on the progress of a community needs survey that will be conducted in the coming months. 

The Public Works report was “normal for this season.” 

The next meeting of the Town Council was set for April 13 at 7 p.m. in the Valier Civic Center.

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