One man’s junk is another man’s journal. At least it can be for patrons of the Valier Public Library.

Jan Fura of Valier recently gave a presentation on Junk Journals, creative handmade diaries made from leftover stuff, or junk.

Librarian Cathy Brandvold reported, “we had great fun learning how to piece things together to make unusual individual gifts for self, family, and friends.”

The one-of-a-kind notebooks can be assembled from any number of items such as scrapbook paper, blank book pages, and photographs that can be written on. Additional materials such as lace, buttons, ribbon, stickers, and more photos can be used to decorate and individualize the pages.

Jan shared the reasons she began junk journaling.

“I started making them during Covid to encourage people who maybe couldn’t get out. I would make little ones and use them to put a tip in if we went out to dinner, or if someone was sick, I could put it (a journal) when I delivered their dinner.”

Jan enjoys the giving aspect of junk journals saying, “we get more when we give. It’s better to give than receive, we get more rewards that way.”

She also really likes teaching, especially to kids. “They are very creative,” Jan said, referring to a birthday party with a dozen 8- and 9-year-olds. “It was a lot of fun.”

Creativity is part of Jan’s character. She makes beautiful coil rings out of fine silver and copper and has the ability to see the value in leftovers. “I do a lot of recycling,” she explained, describing some of the techniques used to make papers look antiqued and materials appear to be something new and different.

Giving is part of her nature and part of the purpose of the junk journals. “Our goal,” Jan said, “is if we hear somebody in the community passes away or they get sick and are in the hospital, one of us will make a journal to give to the family or individual.”

They hope to expand the group which currently has 6-8 participants. “Everyone works at their own speed,” said Cathy Brandvold, “and everyone is welcome to share in the creativity. Bring what you have. I have a lot to share.”

The activity was such a hit that the seven ladies in attendance decided to get together every second Saturday of the month to visit and get creative. There is no charge to participate

If you are looking for something to do with those scraps of “junk” in your craft drawer, join in the journaling fun at the Valier Public Library on Saturday, March 11 from 1 to 4 p.m. for an afternoon of creativity. As Cathy reminds us, “It’s fun to get together and share.”

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