The second annual Stone School Inn Chess Tournament was a surprising success on several levels. Organized by Connor Bridge and sponsored by Folklore, the tournament was a testament to the growth of interest in chess in the area.

The 2022 tournament had six competitors, but Sunday’s competition brought three times as many players to the table. Connor was hopeful for a greater turnout than last year, “I haven’t had anyone call to sign up, so I’m shooting for ten.” He was surprised when 18 interested parties showed up. There was a bit of scrambling going on as extra tables and chess boards were rounded up to accommodate the crowd.

Refreshments were another surprise of the day. Nicole Bridge provided crepes with nutella, crepes with ham and cheese, and crepes with fruit macedonia (fresh fruit salad) and whipped cream.

The champion of the tournament may have been the biggest surprise of the day. Seventh grader Dylan Peebles reigned triumphant, beating out his elders along the way. He played four games in a single elimination bracket. When asked who his toughest opponents were Dylan replied, “Either Mr. Wright or Mr. Bridge.” Chris Wright and Connor Bridge are Dylan’s Math and Music instructors this year. His mom, Melissa, speculated he, “may be buttering them up?”

Dylan is one of the players that shows up early on Fridays for chess at Folklore. “I enjoy chess because of the strategy involved in the game and chances to meet new people,” he explained.

Finishing immediately behind Dylan was Scott Boyles who won a small, but cool, Black Knight trophy. Connor said, “it was fitting because Scott was the dark horse in the competition today.” Connor finished in third place. Dylan received a $10 gift certificate from Folklore for his first place finish.

“We were very grateful to have them (Folklore) sponsor this year’s tournament,” Connor shared with gratitude. “I would do this every weekend if I could,” he continued. “It was so fun!”

Friendly games of chess continue at Folklore most Fridays at 6 am. Consider yourself invited to join in the growing interest of this classic game of strategy. All ages are invited.

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