Valier Elementary celebrated “I Love to Read Month’’ with their first Readers’ Theater on Feb. 23. The event allowed budding actors and artists to shine as the kindergarten through fifth grade classes prepared and performed a story of their choice in front of fellow students, staff, and a few parents.

An animal theme prevailed through five of the six stories. Ms. Adler’s Kindergarten class was animated as they represented barnyard animals playing in the mud. Mrs. Wishy-Washy, portrayed by Austyn VandenBos, repeatedly directed the animals to clean up, after which they jumped right back into the “lovely mud.”

The first-grade class, taught by Ms. Gresczyk, wore creative costumes as they also acted as barnyard animals. These characters were a little more disciplined as they concocted a plan to win a trampoline by competing in a talent show. The actors showed promise when they energetically displayed their talents and recited their own lines, albeit in animal speak.

Dragons Love Tacos and second-graders love making dragon masks and taco artwork. Ms. Shenyer’s class presented the story by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri. A lot of excitement and giggles ensued as the dragons explained the reasons they don’t like spicy sauce on their tacos.

Mrs. Wanseng’s Third Grade class enjoyed teaching life lessons when they shared a medley of Aesop’s Fables including “The Fox and the Grapes,” “The Mouse and the Lion,” and “The Cat and the Mice.” They offered wise lessons about pessimism, judging one’s neighbor, and kindness.

Harry Potter showed up in the form of Jasper Ramos when the fourth-grade class enthusiastically gave their shortened version of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” Mr. Bielawski’s class got into the spirit of the story with creative costumes and levity ensued as a little magic was applied to levitate a feather.

The animal theme resumed when Mr. Fisher’s fifth-graders took on a more literal presentation. No costumes were needed as these curious readers shared “The Mystery of Washington Park,” an attempt to discern the identity of a wild animal living in the city. After much examination and a visit with the librarian, they determined the wild thing was a possum.

The Readers’ Theater was a fun event that gave students the opportunity to incorporate reading, art, public speaking, and even a few acting skills into their education.

Students were courteous and encouraging to one another.

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