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First Grade teacher Jessica Gresczyk believes every child can learn successfully when provided with the tools to meet their individual needs. Photo by Carol Green

Jessica Gresczyk is a familiar face around Valier Elementary. She did her student teaching in Mrs. Wangseng’s class in fall of 2021 and was hired full time in November as the full-time First Grade teacher. Prior to that, Amanda Adler was covering both Kindergarten and First Grade. This will be Jessica’s first full year as a classroom teacher in Valier.

Ms. Gresczyk’s classroom experience is greater than one year. She explains, “I graduated from Flathead Valley Community College in 2011 with an AAS degree in Early childhood education. From 2017 to 2021 I worked at the New Miami Colony in a K-2 classroom and expanded their Kindergarten program to a full year program. During those years I attended Western Governors University online and graduated in January 2022 with my BA in Elementary Education.”

Her love of children and belief that every child can learn successfully when provided with the tools to meet their individual needs spurred her towards Elementary Education. Jessica continues, “I enjoy working with children in general and my favorite part about it is when they make individual connections and interest in whatever I am teaching. Those “lightbulb moments” are my favorite thing about teaching.”

Jessica grew up in Conrad, and after spending 11 years in the Flathead Valley she moved back to Conrad in 2014 where she is raising her three children, two cats, and a dog. Her pastimes include camping, fishing, reading, spending time with family and friends, and playing PC games.

When asked about the challenges in education she answered frankly, “One of the biggest challenges facing teachers today is lack of support, respect, and trust in the profession. One of the best ways to combat these challenges is to do our very best as educators so that people can see the importance of education and value the work we do.”

Her choice to teach in Valier was easy, “I chose Valier because they were willing to give me a chance to complete my education requirements in student teaching and are a very supportive school district to work for. They make me feel valued and appreciated. I look forward to working in such a supportive environment. Valier has an excellent administrative and support team in the school and the community.”

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