Kolter Forbes is a former winner of the Youth Division of the VADC Ice Fishing Derby with this nearly 7 lb. Pike. He will be looking to land another big one at Saturday’s derby.

The family who plays in the cold gets the most fish, or so it would seem. Avid fishermen no matter the season, Kevin and Heidi Forbes and son, Kolter, have found ice fishing to be a great way to endure the frigid winters in northcentral Montana.

When asked what is the best thing about ice fishing, Heidi replied, “First and foremost, it gets you out of the house in the winter time. Not very many outdoor activities in our area. Second, any type of fishing is fun!”

Both Kevin and Heidi grew up fishing with their fathers. “It was a passion of theirs. They passed that onto us. It’s something we love to do anytime of the year,” explained Heidi.

Ice fishing has provided some fond memories over the years including a bus, a hot game of Yahtzee, and lots of laughs. Heidi also likes having a nice stock of fish in the freezer to provide a good fish fry to enjoy with friends.

The Forbes are passing that same passion on to their son. “We were lucky that Kolter enjoys it as much as we do,” Heidi continued.

“The best thing (about ice fishing) is catching big pike and keeping them,” said Kolter. Pike are not allowed in the boat during summer due to their slimy nature. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family. Kolter has crafted his own lures and it gives him an opportunity to try them out.

There’s always a story to accompany a fishing trip. Heidi tells of one occasion when there was a rod unattended for a short time in the icehouse. “Kevin came back and found it gone. A “friend” who was fishing about 20 feet away came over a short while later and said he caught a nice Walleye with someone’s rod! An unfortunate circumstance turned into a lucky ending.”

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