Last summer, the City of Shelby completed several street paving projects within the community. Beginning Thursday, Aug. 22, the City will chip seal those streets. The chip seal process is used to seal the pavement surface minimizing the effects of aging. It helps to keep water from penetrating the paved surfaces and fills and seals any cracks in the road surface. 

Century Paving will begin work on Ninth Avenue South, heading south toward the concrete water tank. On the same day, the crew will move to Sixth Avenue South, a main artery on the south side of Shelby. They will also chip seal sections of side streets leading to Sixth Avenue at Main Street, First, Second and Third Streets South. 

On Second Street South the crew will chip seal all the way to the Heritage Center, which includes the street behind the Toole County Courthouse. They will also chip seal on Fifth Avenue South in the 100-300 blocks.

On the north side, chip seal will take place along portions of Oilfield Avenue and several streets in the Office of Public Safety area along Silverbow, West Central, Blaine, W. Richland and Fergus Streets.

The process should take several days to chip seal and cure and city crews will follow up with sweeping of any loose gravel. Most important, the City cannot have any vehicles/trailers on those streets. All homeowners/commercial enterprises should be aware of the project and move all vehicles/trailers off the street because if not moved, it will be towed at the owner’s expense. The City will leave notices on all vehicles in the street in project areas, but please be aware of the timeliness of the project and need for the cooperation of citizens. 

As well, we want to make sure law enforcement, medical personnel, ambulance staff, fire and utilities are aware of the work to be done.

If you have any questions, please call the City Shop at 434-5564.Thank you for your patience as we complete these critical infrastructure improvement projects.

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