The Shelby Junior High wrestling team consists of members, from back left, Wyatt Doty, Mikey Veloz, Kael Young, Reese Lee, Parker Bushnell, Ty Parsons, Caden Laine and Leland Postma; front row from left, Wyatt Evans, Ryland Larson and Trevor Seifert.

The Shelby Junior High wrestling team has had a busy start to their 2020 campaign. The first weekend in Choteau for the Choteau Duals was a success for the team. The young group was able to get some good wrestling in and eliminate some of the early season jitters. 

This past week the team traveled to Cut Bank on Friday for a mixer. Each wrestler got three matches to help refine their skills for the first big test in Havre at the Havre Invitational Tournament held this past Saturday. 

The lineup for the young fifth/sixth grade Coyotes was: Wyatt Evans, 75 lbs., Kael Young, 80 lbs., Mikey Veloz, 85 lbs., Parker Bushnell, 95 lbs., Leland Postma, 100 lbs., Wyatt Doty, 105 lbs., Ty Parsons, 110 lbs., and Trevor Seifert, 115 lbs. The seventh/eighth graders included: Ryland Larson, 100 lbs., Reese Lee, 105 lbs., and Caden Laine, 110 lbs.

After a long day of wrestling, Shelby had eight place winners, with Wyatt Doty leading the charge winning four matches and placing first at 105 lbs. Caden, Ryland, Parker and Kael placed second. Ty placed third while Reese and Leland placed fourth.

“Our team did better than expected, posting a cumulative record of 22-20 this past Saturday,” said Coach Thad White. “We have a very young team and some of these kids have never wrestled a match until just a week ago. They have remained focused in the wrestling room, absorbing everything I throw at them and are working hard every day. This is a very coachable group that isn’t afraid to put the extra effort forth. When I tell them to do 30 push-ups, the leaders of the team make them do 31. This is a common occurrence every time I ask them to perform. Their hard work has paid off and will continue throughout the season.”   

The team will travel to Browning on Tuesday, back to Cut Bank on Saturday for a mixer and then will host a mixer on Tuesday, March 10, starting at 5 p.m. 

“I am excited to showcase our kids when we host,” concluded Coach White.

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