Now that your garden is planned, perhaps soil tested, tilled, and maybe even planted, Montana State University Extension (MSU Extension) has some ideas to keep things going and growing well!

MSU Extension recommends you buy seeds from a reputable and long-established supplier. Take time to read the information on the seed packets. One item, “Days to Maturity” can be a little confusing. It assumes “perfect” growing conditions. “Days to Maturity” is the length of time from when the seed is planted OR from when the plant is transplanted into the garden, through the date of harvest. 

Also, MSU Extension recommends every serious gardener keep a journal. Make note of seeds used, planting dates, germination rate, how did the plants do, what kind of challenges did you face, etc. Journaling provides helpful information over time.

Once you have an established garden, MSU Extension recommends vegetables receive one to two inches of water, per week, in one application, water to a depth of five to six inches.  The top one to three inches can dry out and should be dry before the next watering. This encourages root development.

Weeding can be the most labor-intensive part of gardening. The key is to keep up with it from the start and then it is more easily controlled. Younger weeds are easier to remove and stops the weed bank. Mulching is also a big help in weed control.

Make it a point to keep up with the watering and weeding:  you will enjoy gardening and all the homegrown veggies that come from your home-grown efforts!

For more information: https://www.msuextension.org/publications/YardandGarden/MT199502AG.pdf or contact Kim Suta Woodring, Toole County Extension (424-8350)

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