The Outstanding Academic Award is given to students who have maintained a 4.0 from first trimester through second trimester. Earning this award were Cael Blevins, Brant Blonde, Paxton Flesch, Corin Scarborough, Silas Young, Tanner Parsons, Elly McDermott, Regan Torgerson, Kayla Deeble, Penelope Heaton, Kobe Hooker and Parker Parsons.

The following Shelby Elementary Students were awarded for their hard work during the second trimester during an awards assembly last week.

Awards given include the Principals Award (Academic Improvement with no F’s),

Honor Roll (3.33 G.P.A or above) and Outstanding Academic (4.0 GPA from one trimester to the next). 

Third Grade

Principal’s Award: Aliza Bushnell, Kyla Calangi, Amelia Clarke, Ryan Gray, Jaren Johannes, Leighton Leck, Elena Martinez, Conner Ramburg and April Williams.

Honor Roll: Layla Atherton, Kayler Austin, Quinnlyn Barker, Kyla Calangi, Logan Combs, Ryan Gray, Leighton Leck, Adrian Michaud, Nessa Petersen, Brianna Preuss, Aly Rohlf and April Williams.

 4.0 GPA: Aliza Bushnell, Amelia Clarke, Jaren Johannes, Elena Martinez and Conner Ramburg.

Outstanding Academic:Cael Blevins, Brant Blonde, Paxton Flesch, Corin Scarborough, Silas Young and Tanner Parsons. 

Fourth Grade

Principal’s Award: Preslee Flesch, Eleanor Heaton, Riley Kincaid-Park and Trevor Seifert. 

Honor Roll: Grayson Barker, Hadley Clary, Braden Deeble, Lilian Hooker, Riley Kincaid-Park, Regan McCants, Noah Nelson, Hayden Stores, Savanna Salveson, Paxtyn Stratton and Tori Tustian.

4.0 GPA: Preslee Flesch and Eleanor Heaton. 

Outstanding Academic: Elly McDermott and Regan Torgerson. 

Fifth Grade

Principal’s Award: Richard Banta, Clara Blonde, Kamaria Celander, Dylan Clark, Evan Clarke, Shane Cuthbert, Shimmery Haight, Jasmine Hodges, Lindy Kiefer, Devon May, Jadis Scarborough and Addison Stevenson.

 Honor Roll: Dylan Clark, Evan Clarke, Wyatt Doty, Rayden Gonzaga, Payton Gray, Shimmery Haight, Addison Richman, Jadis Scarborough, Addison Stevenson, Mikey Veloz and Sofia Williams.

 4.0 GPA: Clara Blonde. 

Sixth Grade

Principal’s Award: Paolo Manda and Tyler Hansen.

Honor Roll: Alexia Bohman, Brendan Clark, Ethan Finch, Maya Gorth, Cade Hadford-Alexander, Mason Lamb, Reese Lee and Donald Tronson.

 4.0 GPA: Paolo Manda and Tyler Hansen. 

Outstanding Academic: Kayla Deeble, Penelope Heaton, Kobe Hooker and Parker Parsons.

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