The Community Health Fair, put on by Marias Medical Center and Toole County Health Foundation, was a well-attended and surprisingly fine weather day. 

Though it took place about three weeks ago, we are still reviewing evaluations and making plans for next year. This year the Civic Center was full with 40 vendors. The scheduled demonstrations throughout the day broke up the long hours and were very informative and interesting. 

Cardiac Rehab, with Marias Medical Center, played two rounds of Bingo in which the participants learned astounding facts on the benefits of Cardiac Rehab. Alice Burchak presented healthy cooking with the Instapot and served up delicious samples of hummus and yogurt. Marsha McCubbins explained the simple differences between symptoms of Alzheimer’s and human forgetfulness. We finished up the day by getting our heart rate up with Tressa Keller’s new “Step Up!” class. Participants did not need to be skilled, but Tressa kept us on our toes with the fast-paced exercises! 

Benefis’ Mercy Flight stopped by for a long visit on the helicopter pad outside of the facility. With the mild weather in the morning and early afternoon, they were able to stay for over an hour and answer many questions. 

Food was available all day long and community members and vendors enjoyed the Heritage Center cinnamon rolls for breakfast and soup with rolls from Albertsons for lunch. 

There were so many door prizes donated and over 20 attendees received a prize for filling out the evaluation and/or scavenger hunt! We already have some thoughts for improving it next year, but we would love to hear your comments. If you did not have the opportunity to fill out an evaluation but would like to give feedback, please email ewanken@mmcmt.org with your thoughts. 

Thank you to all of the vendors for providing helpful health-related information and a special thanks to all those who stopped by the Annual Community Health Fair!

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